The State of Food and Agriculture

FAO 39th Session, June 2015

Overcoming hunger and extreme poverty requires a comprehensive and proactive strategy to complement economic growth and productive approaches. This document focuses on the role of social protection in fighting hunger and extreme poverty, and linking this dimension to productive support.

Focus on rural areas and agriculture, especially on family farms and rural workers, is imperative in order to address the preponderant concentration of extreme poverty and food insecurity in rural areas within the context of the intrinsic interlinkage of agriculture with hunger and rural poverty.

Part A of this document provides a brief overview of the most recent FAO sources of information on trends in food and agriculture at world and regional levels. Part B provides information for discussion under the Conference theme: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty and Hunger by Strengthening Rural Resilience: Social Protection and Sustainable Agricultural Development.

Download: The State of Food and Agriculture

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