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I am an attorney in the Washington DC area, with a Doctor of Law in the US, attended the master program at the National School of Administration of Việt Nam, and graduated from Sài Gòn University Law School. I aso studied philosophy at the School of Letters in Sài Gòn. I have worked as an anti-trust attorney for Federal Trade Commission and a litigator for a fortune-100 telecom company in Washington DC. I have taught law courses for legal professionals in Việt Nam and still counsel VN government agencies on legal matters. I have founded and managed businesses for me and my family, both law and non-law. I have published many articles on national newspapers and radio stations in Việt Nam. In 1989 I was one of the founding members of US-VN Trade Council, working to re-establish US-VN relationship. Since the early 90's, I have established and managed VNFORUM and VNBIZ forum on VN-related matters; these forums are the subject of a PhD thesis by Dr. Caroline Valverde at UC-Berkeley and her book Transnationalizing Viet Nam. I translate poetry and my translation of "A Request at Đồng Lộc Cemetery" is now engraved on a stone memorial at Đồng Lộc National Shrine in VN. I study and teach the Bible and Buddhism. In 2009 I founded and still manage dotchuoinon.com on positive thinking and two other blogs on Buddhism. In 2015 a group of friends and I founded website CVD - Conversations on Vietnam Development (cvdvn.net). I study the art of leadership with many friends who are religious, business and government leaders from many countries. In October 2011 Phu Nu Publishing House in Hanoi published my book "Positive Thinking to Change Your Life", in Vietnamese (TƯ DUY TÍCH CỰC Thay Đổi Cuộc Sống). In December 2013 Phu Nu Publishing House published my book "10 Core Values for Success". I practice Jiu Jitsu and Tai Chi for health, and play guitar as a hobby, usually accompanying my wife Trần Lê Túy Phượng, aka singer Linh Phượng.

Exploring beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ngai

Last update 15:45 | 24/03/2017

 Located in the Truong Son Mountain Range, Minh Long white waterfalls in the central province of Quang Ngai impress visitors, especially young people with its stunning beauty.

exploring beautiful waterfalls in quang ngai  hinh 1
The white waterfalls are about 40km away to the southwest from Quang Ngai city. It is situated in Thanh An commune in Minh Long district. Tiếp tục đọc

Nature’s treats at Hoc Mo Beach

Last update 09:42 | 19/08/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Visitors to Hoc Mo, a wild and charming beach located in the central province of Quang Ngai, can enjoy all sorts of activities, from fishing, to enjoying beautiful views or learning about the culture of the local fishing village.

Quang Ngai, Hoc Mo Beach, fishing village, Vietnam economy, Vietnamnet bridge, English news about Vietnam, Vietnam news, news about Vietnam, English news, Vietnamnet news, latest news on Vietnam, Vietnam
Paradise: Hoc Mo Beach has tranquil and untouched beauty. — Photo thanhnien.vn

The beach is part of Sa Huỳnh tourism complex, about four kilometres east of the People’s Committee of Pho Thach Commune; however, it is relatively unknown among tourists, meaning its still has its untouched beauty.

To reach Hoc Mo, visitors have to pass through Thanh Duc Bridge and walk on the small village path shaded with bamboo trees, before a wide space suddenly opens at the end of the path. Tiếp tục đọc

Is China building a Great Wall under the East Sea?

Last update 08:40 | 21/06/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Chinese plan to set up an underwater observation system under the East Sea, according to experts, with the aim of showing that it is becoming an ocean power.vietnam economy, business news, vn news, vietnamnet bridge, english news, Vietnam news, news Vietnam, vietnamnet news, vn news, Vietnam net news, Vietnam latest news, Vietnam breaking news, tsunami waning system, East Sea, India

The Global Times reported that China is planning to build a large-scale underwater observation system, compared with an underwater Great Wall, across disputed areas in the East China Sea and East Sea, which serves ‘scientific research’.

According to Hoang Viet, a lecturer at HCMC Law University, a member of the Foundation for East Sea Studies, the plan was first mentioned in February 2017, while the Chinese press has recently reported that the plan was approved by the Chinese administration.

The system, as affirmed by the Chinese side, will serve civil purposes. It will help warn tsunamis and seafloor seismic activity and will serve natural resource exploration and exploitation.

Chinese plan to set up an underwater observation system under the East Sea, according to experts, with the aim of showing that it is becoming an ocean power.

The Global Times also quoted Chinese political circles as saying that it will also be used for security and navigation safety purposes.

As China has not said clearly how it would set up an observatory system, it is still early to comment about it.

On the other hand, setting up and implementing the plan are quite different. China has many times drawn up plans, but it has failed to implement them. Tiếp tục đọc

Multiple firearms seized as loan shark nabbed in southern Vietnam

The man had disguised his usury business as a credit firm

​Multiple firearms seized as loan shark nabbed in southern Vietnam
Sniper rifle telescopes ceased from the residences of usury mogul Pham Huu Trong Nhan in southern Vietnam. Photo: Can Tho Police
A number of firearms were found at the many residences of a usury mogul who was apprehended by police in the southern city of Can Tho on Friday.The man, identified as 35-year-old Pham Huu Trong Nhan, had been running an extensive network of illegal loan giving at unfairly high rates of interest, according to officers.

The Can Tho citizen was taken in custody on charges of illegal stockpiling and transportation of military firearms. Tiếp tục đọc

Southern hospital doesn’t believe in wasting waste


Update: August, 18/2017 – 09:00

Green trees at Giá Rai General Hospital in the southern province of Bạc Liêu. — Photo dantri.com.vn

HÀ NỘI — At 5pm Giá Rai General Hospital in the southern province of Bạc Liêu starts to get crowded, not only with patients but also with visitors who come here for a stroll.

Without a hint of nervousness on her face, Nguyễn Thị Kim Thu, 30, leisurely walks her daughter around the hospital’s campus. Skipping and talking non-stop after playing at the vegetable garden, Thu’s daughter asks her to take her to a small fish pond located at the back of the hospital, near the medical wastewater treatment zone. Tiếp tục đọc

Đồng Tháp wants no white-leg shrimp farming in freshwater areas


Update: August, 14/2017 – 09:00

Đồng Tháp Province wants breeding of white-leg shrimp in inland areas curtailed since the saltwater from these farms harm the environment. — VNS Photo sggp.org.vn
Viet Nam News HCM CITY — The People’s Committee of Đồng Tháp Province has directed relevant agencies and district authorities to ensure farming of white-leg shrimp in freshwater zones is not expanded since the saltwater discharged by these farms affect water bodies and crops. Tiếp tục đọc

Experts urge use of agricultural biotechnology as response to climate change


Update: August, 19/2017 – 20:20

Delegates meet at an APEC High-Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology workshop in Cần Thơ on August 18-19. – VNS Photo Thế Anh

CẦN THƠ — Agricultural biotechnology is one of the key tools that can improve the yield and quality of agricultural products in a time of climate change, experts said.

The experts were attending an APEC High-Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology (HLPDAB) workshop in Cần Thơ on August 18-19.

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thủy, chair of the HLPDAB, and director general of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Department of Science, Technology and Environment, said that Việt Nam, like many other economies, was facing multiple challenges due to climate change, including shrinking agricultural area and land degradation caused by urbanisation and saline intrusion caused by rising sea levels. Tiếp tục đọc

APEC law-enforcement agencies vow to strengthen corruption fight


Update: August, 19/2017 – 19:00

Delegates from 21 APEC-member economies at the 4th Meeting of the APEC Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies in HCM City on Saturday. VNS Photo Bồ Xuân Hiệp
Viet Nam News HCM CITY — Anti-corruption authorities and law enforcement agencies from 21 APEC member economies vowed to strengthen measures to fight money laundering and bribery at a workshop held on Aug 19 during the APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM 3) in HCM City.

The 80 delegates at the 4th Meeting of the APEC Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies agreed that “corruption erodes social integrity and fairness, undermines government accountability and public trust, and impedes healthy economic growth.”

Speaking at the meeting, Nguyễn Văn Thanh, Government deputy inspector general and chair of the meeting, said: “Greater cooperation is needed in combating money laundering and recovering stolen assets, and promoting international cooperation in bribery cases, repatriation of fugitives, and informal international cooperation.”

“I believe that our deliberations at this meeting will facilitate direct connections among law enforcement agencies, and create a platform for international cooperation in information exchange, mutual legal assistance, extradition, asset recovery and joint investigation of corruption cases,” he added.

Corruption in Việt Nam had caused resource losses, reducing the efficiency of public investment, destroying trust of investors, and weakening national competitiveness, Thanh said.

Peru, an APEC member economy, for example, has made great progress in fighting corruption by strengthening international cooperation and participating in global anti-corruption activities, according to a report from Peru’s High-Level Anti-Corruption Commission.

“Corruption is one of the main threats and vulnerabilities that allow the commission of acts of laundering and terrorist financing,” the report said.

Also speaking on the sidelines of the workshop, Denis Kunev, head of the Organisation and Analytics Department at the Investigative Committee from the Russian Federation, said: “We expect stronger commitment and cooperation among the member economies in the Asia Pacific region to fight corruption.”

“The meeting provided an opportunity for member economies to speak about challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in fighting money laundering and recovering assets related to corruption cases,” Kunev told Việt Nam News. “It had a lot of useful information on anti-corruption, which we can use for training investigators in Russia.”

The Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies was established at the 17th APEC Anti-Corruption and Transparency Working Group Meeting in Indonesia in 2013.

The network, whose first meeting was held in China in 2014, aims to enhance informal cross-border cooperation between agencies responsible for investigations and prosecutions of corruption, bribery, money laundering and illicit trade, and the identification and return of the proceeds of those crimes.

The Anti-Corruption and Transparency Working Group’s Pathfinder Dialogue IV was also held on Saturday. Corruption as a driver of illegal logging and the use of anti-corruption activities by customs’ offices dealing with the forest trade were the main topics discussed.

The dialogue will resume on Aug 20, with focus on anti-corruption in wildlife trafficking and ways to detect and disrupt wildlife trafficking using anti-money laundering and asset confiscation techniques, protocols and good practices of effective international cooperation and mutual legal assistance. — VNS


Deal or no deal: An unprecedented discussion on Vietnamese military’s business affairs

By Hoang Thuy – Vi Vu   July 11, 2017 | 04:39 pm GMT+7

Deal or no deal: An unprecedented discussion on Vietnamese military’s business affairs

A Vietnamese naval soldier stands guard in the Spratly archipelago. Photo by Reuters


Defense officials debate whether the military will withdraw from money-making schemes.

It all started when Deputy Defense Minister Le Chiem said: “The military won’t do business anymore.”

Discussions about military-run businesses have never been on the table before, at least not in recent years, so his statement has drawn huge public interest and set off a debate, leading several high-ranking officers to step in to either correct or clarify the official stance.

Tiếp tục đọc

Vietnam hails burgeoning defense ties with India

By Khanh Lynh   August 18, 2017 | 10:44 am GMT+7

Vietnam hails burgeoning defense ties with India

BrahMos supersonic missiles in India. Photo by Reuters


The purchase of defense equipment ‘is in line with Vietnam’s peaceful national defense policies.’

Vietnam is developing defense cooperation with India to allow the country to pursue its defense policies, foreign ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said at a press briefing on Thursday.

She was responding to an inquiry about Vietnam’s purchase of a batch of short-range ramjet supersonic cruise missiles from India. Tiếp tục đọc

On A Move That Will Anger China, Vietnam Says Yes, India Denies

On A Move That Will Anger China, Vietnam Says Yes, India Denies

BrahMos missiles were co-developed by Russia’s NPO Mashinostroeyenia and India’s DRDO.


  1. India-China in military stand-off for over 2 months at Sikkim border
  2. Vietnam indicates it has got BrahMos missile from India
  3. Missile signals Vietnam’s defending its claim to disputed South China Sea

New Delhi: For the first time ever, the government of Vietnam today confirmed – albeit carefully – that it has acquired BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles from India. At a time when Delhi and China are locked in their worst military confrontation in decades, sources in the Defence Ministry denied selling the missile systems to Vietnam, though they did not want to comment on record. Tiếp tục đọc

The race to rescue Cambodian children from orphanages exploiting them for profit

Despite good intentions, Australians and others from western countries are often propping up Asian orphanages that separate children from families. Now there’s new efforts to tackle some of the consequences of ‘voluntourism’

A family in Battambang, Cambodia, supported by the Cambodian Children’s Trust which works to keep families together and stop children going to orphanages.
A family in Battambang, Cambodia, supported by the Cambodian Children’s Trust which works to keep families together and stop children going to orphanages. Photograph: Tara Winkler

Much was hidden from the tourists visiting Sinet Chan in her rundown Cambodian orphanage.

When they returned to their hotels, cameras full and best intentions sated, they remained oblivious to the reality of what they had just supported. Tiếp tục đọc

Cambridge University Press accused of ‘selling its soul’ over Chinese censorship

Academics and activists decry publisher’s decision to comply with a Chinese request to block more than 300 articles from leading China studies journal

Cambridge University
A list of the blocked articles, published by CUP, shows they focus overwhelmingly on topics China’s one-party state regards as taboo Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA

The world’s oldest publishing house, Cambridge University Press, has been accused of being an accomplice to the Communist party’s bid to whitewash Chinese history after it agreed to purge hundreds of politically-sensitive articles from its Chinese website at the behest of Beijing’s censors. Tiếp tục đọc

China cracks down on foreign spending sprees



BEIJING: China is to restrict foreign investments in sports clubs, real estate and entertainment and is banning investment in pornography and “unauthorised” military technology.

The new rules were announced Friday (Aug 18) by the government which had previously encouraged overseas spending sprees, but then warned late last year of “irrational” acquisitions amid fears that powerful conglomerates were racking up dangerous debt levels. Tiếp tục đọc

Thousands ill in Vietnam dengue outbreak

Al Jazeera

Mosquito-borne disease outbreak stretches Vietnam medical system as officials report 10,000 new infections in one week.

A total of 90,626 people have been infected with dengue, of whom 76,848 have been hospitalised [Tran Van Minh/AP]

Vietnam is battling a raging dengue fever outbreak with more than 10,000 new infections reported over the past week.

The number of infected represents a 42 percent increase over the same period last year along with seven more deaths, the Ministry of Health said on Friday.

A total of 90,626 people have been infected, of whom 76,848 have been hospitalised, and 24 have died. Tiếp tục đọc