UNESCO: Visions of Learning

Visions of Learning

UNESCO has long promoted a humanistic vision of learning based on principles of respect for life, human dignity, and cultural diversity, as well as social justice and international solidairty. This vision has been outlined in the two landmark publications, Learning to Be (1972) and Learning: The Treasure Within (1996). UNESCO is now building on these reports to rethink education in the current context of change, complexity, and uncertainty.

Rethinking Education in a Changing World

As an international laboratory of ideas, UNESCO has launched a process of rethinking the fundamental principles that guide our approaches to education and learning in the current context of globalization. In order to do so, the Director-General of UNESCO has established a Senior Experts’ Group chaired by Ms. Amina Mohammed, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning. A first meeting of the Senior Experts’ Group was organized in February 2013 in order to initiate the process. See report of meeting


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Learning: The Treasure Within

Learning: The Treasure Within, commonly referred to as the ‘Delors Report’, proposes a holistic and integrated vision of education based on the paradigms of lifelong learning, and the four pillars of learning to be, to know, to do, and to live together.


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Learning to Be: The world of education today and tomorrow

The Faure Report builds on the two key ideas of lifelong education and the learning society. It claims that “learning is a process that lasts a lifetime, both in its duration and its diversity”. While lifelong education is considered to be the cornerstone of educational policies, the learning society is seen as a strategy aimed at committing society as a whole to education.


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