World Bank: New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 10, number 5 (2018 April 17)

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Table of Content

Agriculture and Rural development

• The Challenge of Agricultural Pollution : Evidence from China, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
• Quality of So-Called Organic Fertilizers in Vietnam’s Market.
• Impact of China’s Increasing Demand for Agro Produce on Agricultural Production in the Mekong Region.
• Facilitating aquaculture productivity in Vietnam: Perspectives from awareness of households and the climate change.
• The Institutional Capacity for Forest Devolution: The Case of Forest Land Allocation in Vietnam.
• The politics of swidden: A case study from Nghe An and Son La in Vietnam.

Economic development

• Determinants of Capital Flows to Emerging Economies – Evidence from Vietnam.
• Evaluating the Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions in Vietnam and the Impact of This Efficiency on Poverty Reduction.
• Emigrant’s remittances, Dutch Disease and capital accumulation: The case of Mekong countries.
• Review of Configuration of the Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Corridors.
• Vietnam’s Foreign Policy under Doi Moi.
• Economic growth, inequality, and poverty in Vietnam.
• Evaluating entrepreneurship performance in Vietnam through the global entrepreneurship development index approach.
• Inflation and the public investment: Growth relationship in Vietnam.
• Multinational enterprises or the quality of regional institutions – What drives the diffusion of global CSR certificates in a transition economy? Evidence from Vietnam.
• Standards requirements and a roadmap for developing eco-industrial parks in Vietnam.
• Global Engagement: The fashion industry in Vietnam.
• Evaluating the Best Outsourcing Service Country in the Southeast Asian Region: A Fuzzy-AHP Approach.
• Servicification in Global Value Chains: The Case of Asian Countries.
• The European Union’s Trade and Investment Policy in Asia: New Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Global Environment [Or: Following Individual Roadmaps].
• New Policy towards Vietnam? State Administration of the Russian Federation and a Realization of the Free Trade Agreement between the EAEU and Vietnam.


• Does household credit benefit child schooling for the poorest ethnic minorities? New evidence from a transitional economy.
• Factors hindering students choosing the distance learning by online method: Case study of Ho Chi Minh City Open University.
• Internationalisation of Higher Education in Vietnam Through English Medium Instruction (EMI): Practices, Tensions and Implications for Local Language Policies.
• Massive open online course: international experiences and implications in Vietnam.


• Shared Responsibilities, Shared Benefits: An Innovative Approach to Engaging Fisher Communities in Sustainable Coastal Resource Management, 2017.
• Adaptation as a political arena: Interrogating sedentarization as climate change adaptation in Central Vietnam.
• Bringing social and cultural considerations into environmental management for vulnerable coastal communities: Responses to environmental change in Xuan Thuy National Park, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam.
• Impact of climate change on streamflow and water quality in the upper Dong Nai river basin, Vietnam.
• Assessing impacts of dike construction on the flood dynamics of the Mekong Delta.
• Digital disparities and vulnerability: mobile phone use, information behaviour, and disaster preparedness in Southeast Asia.
• Climate change impacts on marine ecosystems in Vietnam.
• Biomass Burning Emissions Variation from Satellite-Derived Land Cover, Burned Area, and Emission Factors in Vietnam.


• Transgender employment and entrepreneurialism in Vietnam.


• Chapter 6: Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Vietnam.
• Constructing Indicators for Measuring Provincial Sustainable Development Index in Vietnam.

Urban development

• Utilizing publicly available satellite data for urban research: Mapping built-up land cover and land use in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Health care

• The relationship between health policy and public health interventions: a case study of the DRIVE project to “end” the HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs in Haiphong, Vietnam.
• Changes in the prevalence of child maltreatment in Vietnam over 10 years.
• Micro-epidemiology of malaria in an elimination setting in Central Vietnam.
• A multi-country study of dengue vaccination strategies with Dengvaxia and a future vaccine candidate in three dengue-endemic countries: Vietnam, Thailand, and Colombia.
• Availability of alcohol: Location, time and ease of purchase in high- and middle-income countries: Data from the International Alcohol Control study.
• Evaluating Food Safety Knowledge and Practices of Food Processors and Sellers Working in Food Facilities in Hanoi, Vietnam.
• Perceived barriers and facilitators to uptake of HIV testing services among people who inject drugs in Vietnam.
• Community health needs assessment: a nurses’ global health project in Vietnam.
• Knowledge and self-reported practices of infection control among various occupational groups in a rural and an urban hospital in Vietnam.
• A Leadership and Managerial Competency Framework for Public Hospital Managers in Vietnam.
• Children with access to improved sanitation but not improved water are at lower risk of stunting compared to children without access: a cohort study in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam.
• Emerging health risks from agricultural intensification in Southeast Asia: a systematic review.
• Public perception of biofuel usage in Vietnam.
• The Study of Direct Solar Radiation Data in the Project of Mapping the Solar Resource and Potential in Vietnam.


• Vietnam’s Post-reform Housing Policies: Social Rhetoric, Market Imperatives and Informality.


• Impact of U.S. Market Access on Local Labor Markets in Vietnam.
• Return or Not Return? The Role of Home-Country Institutional Quality in Vietnamese Migrants’ Return Intentions.


• Climbing the ladder: Poverty reduction and shared prosperity in Vietnam = Bước tiến mới: Giảm nghèo và thịnh vượng chung ở Việt Nam.

Social development

• Welfare and Inequality in Market Leninism: China and Vietnam.


• Coastal Tourism in Danang, Vietnam: Promoting a Win-Win Situation for Achieving Conservation, Economic, and Social Goals
• Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism in An Giang Province, Vietnam.
• Tourism and beach erosion: valuing the damage of beach erosion for tourism in the Hoi An World Heritage site, Vietnam.

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