Rev. James Swarts: Remarks at Spring Action 2018

Rev. James Swarts, President of the Rochester chapter of Veterans For Peace, was a member of the VFP tour group which traveled Viet Nam for 18 days recently, with stops in Ha Noi, the former DMZ and Khe Sanh, Da Nang, My Lai (on the 50th anniversary of the massacre there), and Sai Gon.

Statements by Pres. Donald Trump and U.S. government (and British and French) officials to justify American military actions in Syria are painful reminders not only of lies we were told about Viet Nam a half century ago. We heard echoes of those same lies regarding Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and many other places in the world that are now much worse off after our military actions — actions that were illegal, no matter how we try to parse the meanings of the documents and international agreements that we signed. Tiếp tục đọc “Rev. James Swarts: Remarks at Spring Action 2018”