Connected citizens – Managing crisis

This special report looks at developments in the field of
humanitarian response following natural and man-made
disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, health
emergencies and wars.

Download report here

As connectivity extends to the remotest parts of the world
an unprecedented and transformational development of ICT
knowledge and skills is taking place. This transformation is
leading to a reappraisal of the ways in which crisis situations
are managed and to the concept of ‘disaster relief’.

Connected citizens become proactive partners in crisis
management and recovery, finnding ICT based solutions to
problems, guiding and channelling emergency relief efforts
and leading rebuilding activities.
Participants in a panel discussion on these topics at
Mobile World Congress 2015 highlighted a number of key
challenges and priorities. These include the importance
of maintaining network uptime, the need for operators
to overcome technical and operational barriers and to
share resources during times of crisis and the value of
drawing on local knowledge and using techniques such as
crowd sourcing and the cloud to find and deliver effective
solutions to speed up crisis response and reduce recovery

Download report here



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