Bac Ninh gets waste treatment plant

Updated  September, 08 2015 08:40:00
Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai and delegates visit the Tu Son Town waste water treatment plant which became operational on Sunday. — VNA/VNS Photo Thai Hung

BAC NINH (VNS) — The Tu Son Town wastewater treatment plant became operational on Sunday after its construction was completed in 18 months, six months ahead of schedule.

The plant is expected to help treat wastewater from the town’s inner area of about 1,890ha, comprising six wards – Dong Ngan, Dinh Bang, Dong Nguyen and Tan Hong, besides Trang Ha and Chau Khe — that are home to about 100,000 people.

It can treat up to 33,000cu.m of wastewater per day and night during its first phase, and up to 70,000cu.m in the second phase.

The plant uses the best modern technology, using about 150sq.m to treat 1,000cu.m per day, while other plants in Viet Nam need between 450sq.m to 3,000sq.m to deal with the same amount of wastewater.

The plant is part of a project to improve the town’s wastewater treatment system. The project also includes a 40km-long wastewater collection system and more than 1,000 combined sewer overflows.

The VND800 billion (US$ 35 million) project’s first phase has been built under a build-transfer contract by the Phu Dien Construction, Investment and Trading Joint Stocks Company and the SFC Viet Nam Environment Investment and Development Joints Stock Company.

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai said at the inauguration ceremony of the plant that environmental protection was an important criterion for rating the development of a locality.

He applauded Bac Ninh Province for developing models to attract the private sector to environment projects.

Chairman of the province’s People’s Committee Nguyen Tu Quynh said the wastewater project was useful to Tu Son Town, especially for urban drainage and wastewater treatment in trading villages. — VNS

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