World Bank – New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 10, number 1 (2018 January 8)

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Table of content

Agriculture and Rural development

• Market implications of the integration scenario of Southeast Asian rice markets.
• Understanding smallholder farmers’ capacity to respond to climate change in a coastal community in Central Vietnam.
• The water-land-food nexus of natural rubber production.
• Assessment of household risk management strategies for coastal aquaculture: the case of clam farming in Thaibinh Province, Vietnam.
• Agroforestry: Contribution to food security and climate-change adaptation and mitigation in Southeast Asia: WHITE PAPER.
• The role of State Forest Enterprises in the payments for Forest Environmental Services Programme in Vietnam.
• Enhancing farmers’ market power and income in the pig value chain; a case study in Bac Giang province, Vietnam.
• The political economy of policy exceptionalism during economic transition: the case of rice policy in Vietnam.

Economic development

• Bank Competition and Financial Stability: Empirical Evidence in Vietnam.
• The Determinants of People Credit Funds Efficiency in Mekong Delta of Vietnam.
• The Effect of Macroeconomic Factors on Investor Purchase Decision: The Case Study of HOSE.
• The Effects of Foreign Bank Entry, Deregulation on Bank Efficiency in Vietnam: Stochastic Frontier Analysis Approach.
• Zero Interest Rate for the US Dollar Deposit and Dollarization: The Case of Vietnam.
• Representing Doi Moi: history, memory and shifting national narratives in late-socialist Vietnam.
• Anti-Chinese Protest in Vietnam: Complex Conjunctures of Resource Governance, Geopolitics and State–Society Deadlock.
• Segmentation and informality in Vietnam: A survey of the literature.
• Sets of Sustainable Development Indicators in Vietnam: Status and Solutions.
• Evaluating the Impact of Factors on the Shift of Economic Structure in Vietnam.
• Explaining micro entrepreneurship in rural Vietnam-a multilevel analysis.
• FDI, Global Value Chains, and Local Sourcing in Developing Countries.
• Analysing the Effects of the Exporting on Economic Growth in Vietnam.
• The Effects of Mega-Regional Trade Agreements on Vietnam.
• Vulnerability from trade in Vietnam.
• Services Liberalization in Vietnam: The Case of FDI in Logistics Sector.


• Education and transition to work: Evidence from Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal.
• Enhancing graduate work-readiness in Vietnam.
• Profit and prejudice: a critique of private English language education in Vietnam.


• Conservation of the Mekong Delta wetlands through hydrological management.
• Toward successful implementation of conservation research: A case study from Vietnam.
• Adaptation to Sea Level Rise: A Multidisciplinary Analysis for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
• Intra-household impacts of climate hazards and autonomous adaptation in selected coastal areas of Vietnam.
• A Macromarketing View of Sustainable Development in Vietnam.
• Arsenic residue in residential area after cleanup of pesticide illegal dumping sources in Thanh Hoa province, Central Vietnam.
• Oyster Contamination with Human Noroviruses Impacted by Urban Drainage and Seasonal Flooding in Vietnam.


• Public Sector Reform and National Development in East and Southeast Asia: Specificity and Commonality.
• Factors influencing people’s knowledge, attitude, and practice in land use dynamics: A case study in Ca Mau province in the Mekong delta, Vietnam.
• Vietnam: The Socialist Party State.

Healthcare, Nutrition and Population

• Referral patterns, delays, and equity in access to advanced paediatric emergency care in Vietnam.
• Climate patterns and mosquito-borne disease outbreaks in South and Southeast Asia.
• Support for alcohol policies among drinkers in Mongolia, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, St Kitts and Nevis, Thailand and Vietnam: Data from the International Alcohol Control Study.
• Reviewing the latest national policies and services for people with severe mental health disorders in government-funded institutions in Vietnam, and policy recommendations for service improvements.
• Unmet needs of child and adolescent psychiatrists among Asian and European countries: does the Human Development Index (HDI) count?
• Situation analysis of procurement and production of multiple micronutrient supplements in 12 lower and upper middle-income countries.
• Association Between a Wider Availability of Health Information and Health Care Utilization in Vietnam: Cross-Sectional Study.
• Premarital sex, contraceptive use among unmarried women migrant workers in industrial parks in Vietnam, 2015.

Science and Technology

• The (ir)rational consideration of the cost of science in transition economies.
• A blue energy option for the Mekong River Basin. An international law analysis on Asian regional cooperation in pioneer osmotic power projects.
• Productivity and wage premiums : evidence from Vietnamese ordinary and processing exporters.
• Legal Consciousness and Workers’ Resistance in Đồng Nai Province, Vietnam.

Social development

• Demographic Changes in Vietnam: Challenges for Old-age Support and Implications for Social Protection Policy.


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