World Bank – New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 9, number 24 (2017 December 20)

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Table of Content

Agriculture and Rural development

      • Impact of International Experience and Innovation Capacity on the Export Performance of Vietnamese Agricultural SMEs.
      • Impact of Climate Change on the Technical Efficiency of Striped Catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, Farming in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
      • Designing river flows to improve food security futures in the Lower Mekong Basin.
      • Effectiveness and efficiency of community-based forest management in Hoang Lien National Park, Lao Cai Province.
      • Synergies among climate change and biodiversity conservation measures and policies in the forest sector: A case study of Southeast Asian countries.
      • Livestock Production, Rural Poverty, and Perceived Shocks: Evidence from Panel Data for Vietnam.

Economic development

      • ĐIỂM LẠI: Cập nhật tình hình phát triển kinh tế Việt Nam — Chuyên đề đặc biệt: Cải thiện hiệu suất và công bằng trong chi tiêu công.
      • Taking Stock, December 2017 : An Update on Vietnam’s Recent Economic Developments — special focus : improving efficiency and equity of public spending.
      • Việt Nam: Báo cáo về Tuân thủ các Tiêu chuẩn và Mã (ROSC): Lĩnh vực kế toán và kiểm toán.
      • Vietnam Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes : Accounting and Auditing Module.
      • Social enterprises in vietnam: Strategies, models and policy implications.
      • Understanding socially responsible investing: The growing issues and motives in Vietnam.
      • International Investment Dispute Resolution in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges.


      • Global Citizenship Education in Secondary Science: A Survey on ASEAN Educators.
      • Empirical Study on Public High School System in Vietnam: Post Doi Moi.
      • Áp dụng thử một số phương pháp xác định đóng góp của khoa học và công nghệ đối với tăng trưởng kinh tế ở Việt Nam (A trial application of some methods to determining the contribution of science and technology for economic growth in Vietnam).


      • Can dams be designed for sustainability?
      • How coral reef conservation and marine protected areas impact human well-being: a case study of a marine protected area and fishing communities in Central Vietnam.
      • The mangrove’s contribution to people: Interdisciplinary pilot study of the Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve in Viet Nam.
      • Coastal erosion vulnerability of Kien Giang – the Western Mekong River Delta Coast in Vietnam.
      • Environmental Disasters in the Mekong Subregion: Looking Beyond State Boundaries.
      • Long-term recovery narratives following major disasters in Southeast Asia.
      • Air quality study in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2015–2016 based on a one-year observation of NOx, O3, CO and a one-week observation of VOCs.
      • Impacts of alternate wetting and drying on greenhouse gas emission from paddy field in Central Vietnam.
      • A comparison of solid waste generation rate between types of hotel in Hoian ancient city, Vietnam.
      • Spatial variations of arsenic in groundwater from a transect in the Northwestern Hanoi.
      • A study on household solid waste characteristics and recycling behavior modeling: A case study in Da Nang city, Vietnam.
      • Waste Municipal Service and Informal Recycling Sector in Fast-Growing Asian Cities: Co-Existence, Opposition or Integration?


      • Troubling Love: Gender, Class, and Sideshadowing the “Happy Family” in Vietnam.


      • Citizen Participation in Vietnam’s Local Government: Impact on Transparency and Accountability.

Healthcare and Population

      • Assessment of injection safety in Ha Dong General Hospital, Hanoi, in 2012.
      • Countries of the Greater Mekong making inroads in the race towards elimination.
      • Mothers’ willingness to pay for daughters’ HPV vaccine in northern Vietnam.
      • Non-communicable diseases, food and nutrition in Vietnam from 1975 to 2015: the burden and national response.
      • Screening for tuberculosis: Updated recommendations.
      • Implementation and assessment of diverse strategies for physical activity promotion in Vietnam—A case report.
      • Microbial Risk Assessment of Tidal−Induced Urban Flooding in Can Tho City (Mekong Delta, Vietnam).
      • Supporting surveillance capacity for antimicrobial resistance: Laboratory capacity strengthening for drug resistant infections in low and middle income countries [version 1; referees: 2 approved, 1 approved with reservations].
      • The Convergence of Policies to Fight Prenatal Sexual Selection: South Korea, India and Vietnam.
      • Reproductive tract infection and related factors among female migrants working in industrial zones in Vietnam 2013-2014.


      • The determinants of electricity consumption for ASEAN countries.


      • A Comprehensive Approach to Motorcycle-Related Head Injury Prevention: Experiences from the Field in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Uganda.

Urban development

      • Governing Cross-Border Effects of Disasters in Urbanising Asia: What Do We Know?
      • Using Multi-Criteria Analysis to Evalutate the Level of Urbanization in Ho Chi Minh City from 2004 to 2012.
      • Urban Transformations Across Borders: The Interwoven Influence of Regionalisation, Urbanisation and Climate Change in the Mekong Region.

Social development

      • Improving the Delivery of Social Protection through ICT: Case Studies in Mongolia, Nepal, and Viet Nam.


      • Drinking Water Options in the Context of Arsenic Contamination in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.
      • Governance conditions for adaptive freshwater management in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.
      • Membrane distillation for seawater desalination applications in Vietnam: Potential and challenges.



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