World Bank – New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 9, number 23 (2017 December 6)

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Table of Content

Agriculture and Rural development

• Chapter 10 – How Agricultural Research for Development Can Make a Change: Assessing Livelihood Impacts in the Northwest Highlands of Vietnam.
• Cassava and Sweetpotato Cropping Practices and Farmer Communication Networks in Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam: Identifying Gaps between Existing Root and Tuber Crops Farming Practices and Climate Smart Agriculture Practices and Characterizing Communication Systems to Support Livelihoods.
• Decreased use of pesticides for increased yields of rice and fish-options for sustainable food production in the Mekong Delta.
• Green supply chain: Solutions to improve the competitiveness of Thai Nguyen tea.
• An international comparison of rice consumption behaviours and greenhouse gas emissions from rice production.
• Social Forestry – why and for whom? A comparison of policies in Vietnam and Indonesia.
• Barriers to Implementing Irrigation and Drainage Policies in An Giang Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
• Social learning through rural communities of practice: Empirical evidence from farming households in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.

Economic development

• Competition Policy and SME Development in Vietnam.
• Vietnamese State-owned Enterprises under International Economic Integration.
• Does Economic Growth Increase Inequality?: An Empirical Analysis for ASEAN Countries, China and India.
• Current Status and Traits of the Auto Parts Industry in Viet Nam.
• Where do the advanced countries invest? An investigation of capital flows from advanced countries to emerging economies.
• Assessing the Impacts of Deeper Trade Reform in Vietnam in a General Equilibrium Framework.
• The Welfare and Sectoral Adjustment Effects of Mega-Regional Trade Agreements on ASEAN Countries.


• Young Lives School Surveys 2016–17: The Design and Development of Transferable Skills Tests in India and Vietnam.
• Youth transition to employment in Vietnam: a vulnerable path.
• ‘How Many Rooms Are There in Your House?’ Constructing the Young Lives Wealth Index.
• Developing employability skills via extra-curricular activities in Vietnamese universities: student engagement and inhibitors of their engagement.
• Demographic factors as determinants of social scientists’ productivity: SDC-based Scopus data, 2008-2017.
• On the Sustainability of Co-Authoring Behaviors in Vietnamese Social Sciences: A Preliminary Analysis of Network Data.


• Chapter 5 – A Voluntary Model of Payment for Environmental Services: Lessons From Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province of Vietnam.
• Chapter 15 – Navigating Complexities and Management Prospects of Natural Resources in Northern Vietnam.
• Product-Related Environmental Regulation, Innovation, and Competitiveness: Empirical Evidence from Malaysian and Vietnamese Firms.
• Factors influencing the management effectiveness of the biosphere reserve model: The case of Vietnam [PhD Thesis].
• Chapter 3 – Assessing and Calculating a Climate Change Vulnerability Index for Agriculture Production in the Red River Delta, Vietnam.
• 10 – Co-management model on urban riverbank erosion management in Can Tho city, Vietnam A2 – Shaw, Rajib.
• Design and implementation of site-specific rainfall-induced landslide early warning and monitoring system: a case study at Nam Dan landslide (Vietnam).
• RCP8.5-Based Future Flood Hazard Analysis for the Lower Mekong River Basin.
• Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: A Panel Cointegration Analysis for 16 Asian Countries.
• Some results of study on present situation of household solid waste in Hanoi, Vietnam.


• 14 – Corruption in Vietnam: The current situation and proposed solutions.
• Bribery and Its Implications on Entrepreneurship in the Informal Economy: Evidence From Vietnam.
• Chapter 7 – The Role of Land-Use Planning on Socioeconomic Development in Mai Chau District, Vietnam.
• Developing a Spatial Decision Support System for Rationality Assessment of Land Use Planning Locations in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam.


• Improving human health outcomes with a low-cost intervention to reduce exposures from lead acid battery recycling: Dong Mai, Vietnam.
• Trauma registry implementation in low- and middle-income countries: challenges and opportunities.
• Childhood overweight and obesity in preschool children – an emerging problem in urban and rural Vietnam: A study of epidemiology and associated factors.
• Evaluation of an integrated multisector campaign to increase child helmet use in Vietnam.
• Public attitudes towards psychiatrists in the metropolitan area of Hanoi, Vietnam.
• Alcohol taxes’ contribution to prices in high and middle-income countries: Data from the International Alcohol Control Study.
• Acute effects of ambient air pollution on lower respiratory infections in Hanoi children: An eight-year time series study.
• Criteria for prioritization of HIV programs in Viet Nam: a discrete choice experiment.
• Knowledge of Sexuality and Reproductive Health of People with Physical Disabilities in Vietnam.
• Progress On Maternal Health Care In Vietnam: Findings From Vietnam Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2000, 2006, 2011 And 2014.


• The Law of China and Vietnam in Comparative Law.
Social development
• Towards a Typology of Social Work Assessments: Developing practice in Malaysia, Nepal, United Kingdom and Vietnam.


• Carrying Capacity in Vietnamese National Parks: A Case Study of Phong Nha-Ke Bang.


Chapter 16 – Knowledge Transfer in International Water Resource Management—Six Challenges A2 – Hart, Barry T.

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