Visualizing Data to Build Climate Resilience

PREPdata, an open-source platform that improves access to the highly credible information that adaptation decision-makers and practitioners need to plan for climate change.

Webinar Recording

About the Webinar

Decision-makers from urban planners to corporate executives are grappling with tough questions in a changing climate. Should city officials in the Caribbean update building codes to climate-proof infrastructure against storm surges from monster hurricanes like Maria or move to higher ground? Should farmers in drought-prone regions of sub-Saharan Africa adopt more efficient irrigation systems or switch to climate-resilient seeds?

Accessing reliable, comprehensive data is the first step in answering these questions. An initiative of the Partnership for Resilience and PreparednessPREPdata provides the information that decision-makers need to analyze vulnerability and build climate resilience. The open-source platform allows users to easily find highly credible climate, physical and socioeconomic datasets curated from sources like NASA, NOAA, USGS, ESA and more; map them to visualize a specific region’s vulnerability; track the indicators most relevant to their work on customizable dashboards; and share their stories with adaptation professionals around the world.

Join open data and climate resilience experts from World Resources Institute and Future Earth for an introduction to PREPdata. The speakers will provide an overview of the platform and show users how to:

  • Discover and visualize datasets, such as projected precipitation change, population density, vulnerability and sea level rise, on the map-based platform
  • Overlay datasets to do visual analysis
  • Interact with datasets to create custom charts and graphs
  • Create customizable dashboards to track indicators most relevant to users’ work


Lauretta Burke, Senior Associate, Climate Resilience Practice, World Resources Institute

Josh TewksburyGlobal Hub Director, Colorado, Future Earth

Laura SatkowskiPREP Officer, Future Earth

Francis GassertLead, Data for Impact, World Resources Institute

Emily NilsonResearch Analyst, Office of Science and Research, World Resources Institute


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