Bloomberg touts Cha Ca La Vong as a must-try dish for gourmets

Last update 13:00 | 09/12/2017

Bloomberg news agency has recently unfolded a list of 12 restaurants across the world worthy to try at least once in life. Surprisingly, Cha Ca La Vong restaurant in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi took pride in securing a spot in the list.

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Cha Ca La Vong in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi is recommended as a must-try dish for food lovers

In an article released by Kate Krader and Richard Vines on the news site, food connoisseurs are advised to take a tour to the Vietnamese restaurant to taste cha ca (fried fish) with the vibrant and unique flavor of herbs, spices, and chilis.

According to the writers, the restaurant at 14 Cha Ca Street, named after the signature dish, in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City has heaped praise from not only domestic and international gourmets but also notable chefs such as James Beard award-winning Chris Shepherd from Houston, who have traveled to Vietnam with a view to sampling the popular fried fish at the restaurant.

Cha Ca La Vong is one of the three Asian restaurants to show up on the list of the must-try restaurants across the globe, as suggested by two reporters from the U.S. news agency Bloomberg, aside from a renowned sushi restaurant in Japan and another in Sri Lanka.

Earlier, Hanoi and HCMC have gained much attention and applause from Caterwings, the U.K-based site that offers online food ordering services in Europe as Vietnam’s two biggest metropolises were named among the world’s 100 best food destinations voted by 20,000 food journalists and restaurant critics.

HCMC took the 80th position while the Vietnamese capital city grabbed the 87th spot on the list of top 100 leading cities around the globe recommended for food connoisseurs.

This June, the U.S. news site CNN listed HCMC into the world’s 23 best street food destinations in which pho (noodle served with beef and chicken), banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) and com tam (broken rice) were touted as typical dishes of street food in the city.



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