Skyline views from Hanoi coffee shops

Last update 15:27 | 12/07/2017

Hanoi has many coffee shops that offer views of the city’s skyline, DtiNews offers a few suggestions of the many to choose from.

Avalon Cafe & Lounge

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Avalon Cafe Lounge is a three-level cafe and lounge bar with a rooftop patio, one smoke-free floor, and unimpeded views of Hoan Kiem Lake.

73 Cau Go Street, Hoan Kiem District Tiếp tục đọc

Five food streets in Hanoi

Last update 16:51 | 27/06/2017
VietNamNet Bridge – Besides being sold on streets, street food places have one thing in common: they are groups of shops selling one type of food. Here are the top food streets in Hanoi.
Usually one family starts the business with an innovative idea and the neighbors follow their examples. As time goes by, these shops achieve an almost equal status and gain recognition among street food-lovers.

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Caramel pudding (Hang Than Street): There are about three or four shops selling homemade caramel pudding and yogurt close to the corner of Hang Than and Hoe Nhai. It’s easier for takeout but if you don’t mind a bit squeezing, you are welcome to sit down. They are master at mixing yogurt and caramel pudding with fruits, nep cam (violet glutinous rice) and all kinds of yummy jelly.

Photo: A caramel pudding shop on Hang Than Street Tiếp tục đọc

Traditional laterite building and architect in Hanoi’s suburb

Last update 15:56 | 25/06/2017

 Laterite, a highly compacted and cemented type of soil and rock, has long been used for construction and sculpture in Thach That district, just 30 km away from Hanoi.

A laterite mining site in Thach That Tiếp tục đọc

Students seek luck before exam at Temple of Literature

Last update 16:12 | 21/06/2017

Students often visit Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, or Temple of Literature, in the days running up to their annual exams to pray for luck.

Many students are flocking to the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university, before their high school graduation exams which are scheduled to take place from June 22 to 24.

The temple, the main Confucian school in feudal times, was built in 1070 in the time of Emperor Ly Nhan Tong. It includes various pavilions, halls, statues and steles and is still venerated as place of respect. Modern students still indulge in this tradition.


Tiếp tục đọc

Taste specialties of central Vietnam right in Hanoi

Last update 09:00 | 18/04/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – There are a lot of delicious dishes in central Vietnam, but the most popular specialties are beef noodle soup, grilled spring rolls and rice paper cake wrapped with pork meat. Now tourists can taste these dishes in Hanoi.

Quang noodles

Image result for mi quang

The dish originated from Quang Nam province but gradually became popular and typical for the central area of Vietnam.

Compared to other noodles, and noodle soups, of Northern people, Quang noodles have its own feature. It is not fully watered; just mix materials to absorb spices. Tiếp tục đọc

Paintings reveal tranquil side of Hà Nội


Update: June, 18/2017 – 09:00

Bit of greenery: “Silvery Wandering Jew”, oil on canvas.
Viet Nam News Painter Phạm Bình Chương is among few contemporary artists painting the streets of Hà Nội in a realist style. His work evokes memories of the city as it was years ago. Lê Hương finds out what inspires him. Tiếp tục đọc

Two must-see places in Hanoi suburbs

VietNamNet Bridge – If you are in Hanoi, you should not miss these two places, which are not far from Hanoi’s center.

Bao Son Paradise

Located on Lang-Hoa Lac expressway, Bao Son is an entertainment area with separate areas characterizing Hanoi features, a roomy space, ancient and modern combination, scenes recalling activities of Hanoi streets, etc.

On weekends and holidays, the ticket costs VND135,000/adult and VND120,000/child (normally, it is VND20,000 cheaper). The price includes following activities: park visiting, aquarium, animal garden, dolphin circus, etc.

Aquarium visiting service: the aquarium has four storeys with turtles, various kinds of fish, animal garden with reptiles: snakes, pythons, etc. and lions, leopards.

Moreover, tourists can see water puppet at 4 pm (plus VND20,000) and at 7 pm water music free. A garden of spirit, orchid, bird, butterflies, etc. entrance for free.

Thien Duong Bao Son: Diem choi he ly tuong cho tre hinh anh 1
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Co Loa – the oldest citadel in Vietnam

Last update 09:53 | 11/04/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Co Loa Citadel was built near Phong Khe, about 20 km to the north of today’s Hanoi, during the end of the Hong Bang Dynasty (about 257 BCE). The fortress is a spiral-shaped complex of the then new capital. The site was the source of various relics of the Dong Son culture of the Bronze Age.

According to folklore, An Duong Vuong defeated the last of the Hung Kings in 257 BCE and founded the kingdom of Au Lac, choosing the site of Co Loa as his capital.

Co Loa is a very large site and is the dominant presence in the northern floodplain of the Red River Delta, which would have required a large amount of labor and resources to have built in its time. Tiếp tục đọc

1.300 cây xanh trước ngày chặt hạ để làm đường ở Hà Nội

VE – Thứ năm, 1/6/2017 | 12:23 GMT+7

Để mở rộng đường Phạm Văn Đồng, Hà Nội sẽ đánh chuyển, chặt hạ 1.300 cây xanh, phần lớn là xà cừ lâu năm trong 3 tháng tới.

Nằm trong dự án đầu tư mở rộng đường vành đai 3 đoạn Mai Dịch – Cầu Thăng Long, 1.300 cây xanh nằm hai bên đường Phạm Văn Đồng từ chân cầu Mai Dịch đến cầu Thăng Long sẽ được chặt hạ, đánh chuyển trước ngày 30/9.

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Colorful flowers in Hanoi summer

Last update 11:28 | 28/05/2017

The summer has arrived. Hanoi streets are becoming more and more colorful with the red of Flamboyant flowers, the yellow of Golden Shower flowers, and the purple of Crape-myrtle flowers.

colorful flowers in hanoi summer hinh 1

Purple – the color of Crape-myrtle flowers, appears at the beginning of the summer. Crape-myrtle flowers are grown in crowded streets. Tiếp tục đọc

Hà Nội reports first death from dengue fever


Update: May, 22/2017 – 11:30

Health officials spray chemicals to kill mosquitoes. One person has been confirmed dead from dengue fever in Hà Nội. — VNA/VNS Photo Dương Ngọc

HÀ NỘI — The Hà Nội Health Department has announced the first death from dengue fever since the beginning of this year.The Central Tropical Diseases Hospital on Sunday confirmed that a 19-year-old student who rented a house in Đống Đa District’s Trung Liệt Ward died of dengue.

In Hà Nội, the number of patients with dengue fever has shown a tendency of increasing since early this month, with 27 cases recorded in the last two weeks. Tiếp tục đọc

Sắc tím hoa bằng lăng khiến Hà Nội thơ mộng hơn giữa mùa hạ cháy


17-05-2017 14:00:00

Như một lời hò hẹn, cứ độ tháng 5, khi đợt nắng sớm đã có phần oi bức thì cũng là lúc những bông hoa bằng lăng tím biếc bắt đầu đua nở.

Mùa hè thường được báo hiệu bằng tiếng ve, tiếng tu hú… nhưng ở Hà Nội, một trong những dấu hiệu đặc trưng của mùa hè là sắc hoa tím biếc của bằng lăng bung nở. Ít ai biết, bằng lăng gắn liền với một sự tích buồn, là loài hoa của sự chia ly, xa cách, nhớ nhung. Khi bằng lăng nở, cũng là thời điểm mà người ta nhớ về những kỷ niệm xưa cũ của tuổi học trò hồn nhiên với mối tình đầu thuần khiết nhưng dễ xa lìa.

Sắc tím hoa bằng lăng khiến Hà Nội thơ mộng hơn giữa mùa hạ cháy - Ảnh 1.

Từ những ngày đầu tháng 3,4, những hàng bằng lăng thay lá, không còn là những nhánh cây khẳng khiu trơ trọi như hồi mùa đông.

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Two railway routes to be built in capital city


Update: May, 15/2017 – 09:00

A computer-generated illustration of urban railway route number 3, which will connect the Hà Nội Railway Station on Lê Duẩn Street with urban Hoàng Mai District. — Photo courtesy of the Hà Nội Urban Railway Project Management Board
Viet Nam News HÀ NỘI — Some VNĐ62 trillion (US$2.7 billion) of official development aid (ODA) is the amount proposed by the Hà Nội People’s Committee to build two new railway routes in the city.

The 6km urban railway route number 2, connecting downtown Trần Hưng Đạo Street and the Thượng Định Ward in Thanh Xuân District, is expected to cost some VNĐ35 trillion ($1.5 billion), of which $1.3 billion will be funded through aid from Japan.
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