Super satellite city planned in Hanoi

Last update 17:20 | 05/12/2017

Hanoi plans to construct a super satellite city by 2030, with a total area of over 17,270ha located in two districts of Thach That and Quoc Oai and Son Tay Town.

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The super satellite city on paper.— Photo

The Hoa Lac super satellite city will be some 30km from Hanoi’s centre.

The plan is part of the master plan of Hoa Lac Urban Area, compiled by the municipal People’s Committee and recently submitted to the municipal People’s Council for approval.

According to the plan, Hoa Lac will be the largest among five satellite cities in Hanoi and scheduled to be home to over 600,000 residents by 2030, the Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper reported.

The nucleus of the satellite city is the Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park and the Viet Nam National University.

At present, the Viet Nam National University has a number of schools located in the inner districts of Hanoi. However, since 2003, the government had given the green light to relocate the schools to Hoa Lac  Area by 2030 so that the university could become the most modern one in Southeast Asia. The project has been under construction.

The plan said developing public transport, smart transport and setting up ecological urban areas would be the priorities while building the satellite city. — VNS

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