Vietnam repatriates American soldier’s remains

VNE – By Anh Ngoc   June 24, 2019 | 07:57 am GMT+7

The likely remains of an American soldier were repatriated at a solemn ceremony held in Da Nang on Sunday.

The ceremony took place at Da Nang International Airport in central Vietnam with the participation of representatives from both countries.

The remains were discovered during a joint Vietnam-U.S. search in May and June. They were examined by forensic experts from two countries who concluded that they could belong to a U.S. soldier designated missing in action during the Vietnam War. The remains will be transferred to Hawaii for further tests.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Bui Thanh Son reaffirmed the goodwill and humanitarian policy of Vietnam in helping the U.S. finding the remains of MIA (missing in action) soldiers.

Sunday’s repatriation ceremony was the 150th held since 1973.

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