Bien Ho Lake – a pearl in Central Highlands


Bien Ho Lake in Pleiku city of Gia Lai province is a renowned tourist attraction which is considered as a “pearl” in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Bien Ho, also called To Nung, was previously a giant volcano mouth in the north of Pleiku

The lake is described as a romantic destination for those who come to the Central Highlands for the first time

Bien Ho is located at an altitude of more than 8,000 metres. It is nearly 10km away from Pleiku

Legend has it that water in the lake is the tears of villagers whose relatives were buried by lava in the past. Those tears formed streams which ​returned to the village and became a lake

Bien Ho is also a main source of water supply for residents in Pleiku

Many people have chosen Bien Ho as the first place to visit when they set foot in the Central Highlands


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