Malaysia education ministry mulls action over ‘fidget spinners’: Report

In this photo illustration, a woman holds a fidget spinner. (Photo: AFP / Drew Angerer / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA)

Malaysia’s education minister Mahdzir Khalid said the new gadget had just entered the market and the effect of its usage had yet to be known, The Star reported on Friday (May 12).

“It is a new gadget and there are numerous views on its use, we need to wait for a full report from the authorities and stakeholders before discussing it in a committee at the ministerial level,” he said in the report.

Mahdzir said this in response to media reports on allegations that the fidget spinner was dangerous and could cause harm or be used as a weapon, as well as in response to calls for the ministry to monitor the phenomenon as it could distract the learning process among students.

The fidget spinner is a toy originally intended to be used for stress relief or to help those who have trouble focusing. However schools across the world have started to ban them, claiming they are too distracting.

Earlier this month, schools in Manchester, England, announced a ban on the gadgets, local media reported.

According to the Manchester Evening News, All Hallows RC High School in Salford told parents that “they are a distraction to learning and can be dangerous. Any fidget spinners seen in school will be confiscated”.

As of May 10, at least 63 high schools in the United States have either banned or have plans to ban them, according to Spinner List, the self-proclaimed “biggest database of all fidget spinners and makers on the market”.

Source: CNA/nc


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