Four Education Trends that Countries Everywhere Should Know About


Students at Catholic University of Peru, Edgar Rivera, Pablo Suarez and David Ramirez (names left to right) study homework together at the university in Lima, Peru on June 27, 2013. Photo © World Bank/Dominic Chavez

Recently, we reached out to education experts around the world to hear what they considered the most pressing issues facing our sector today. Surprisingly, they all said that little has changed in terms of our most common challenges. What was changing, they agreed, were the innovative ways that the global community has begun tackling them.

Our discussions frequently came back to advances in neuroscience, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Blockchain, and the consequences of negative population growth—as well as the ways that these phenomena are changing and challenging the way we think about education. Some of these changes have received more attention than others, but we are convinced of their importance—and education stakeholders around the world should be paying attention. Tiếp tục đọc “Four Education Trends that Countries Everywhere Should Know About”

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