World Bank: New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 10, number 7 (2018 June 26)

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Table of Content

• Impact of wage employment in agriculture production on labor satisfaction in the Red River Delta, Vietnam.
• Effect of Cadmium, Copper and Lead on the Growth of Rice in the Coal Mining Region of Quang Ninh, Cam-Pha (Vietnam).
• Influence of livelihoods on climate change adaptation for smallholder farmers in the Mekong Delta Vietnam.
• Antibiotic use in Vietnamese fish and lobster sea cage farms; implications for coral reefs and human health.
• Aquaculture innovation system analysis of transition to sustainable intensification in shrimp farming.
• Are shrimp farmers actual gamblers? An analysis of risk perception and risk management behaviors among shrimp farmers in the Mekong Delta.
• Assessing Price Integration and Trade Policy in the U.S. Catfish Market.
• Factors affecting forest area change in Southeast Asia during 1980-2010.
• Forest governance and economic values of forest ecosystem services in Vietnam.
• Local perspectives on drivers of deforestation and degradation and effectiveness of financial incentive mechanisms in Bach Ma National Park.
• Vietnam wood villages in the context of market integration: Status and policy options for sustainable development.
• Stakeholders’ assessment of dike-protected and flood-based alternatives from a sustainable livelihood perspective in An Giang Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
• Meat consumption and capitalist development: The meatification of food provision and practice in Vietnam.
• From science to application: field demonstrations to enhance sustainable rice production in the north of Vietnam—lessons from the LEGATO project.
• Rice and risks in the Mekong Delta.
• Social Capital Configuration Variation and the Contemporary Transformation of Rural Vietnam1.

• Root Causes of Recurring Contractual Conflicts in International Construction Projects: Five Case Studies from Vietnam.
• Engaging workers in resource-poor environments: the case of social enterprise in Vietnam.
• Economic development in a rent-seeking society: socialism, state capitalism and crony capitalism in Vietnam.
• Business Formalisation in Vietnam.
• The impacts of public investment on private investment and economic growth: Evidence from Vietnam.
• Made in Vietnam: Internal, collaborative, and regional knowledge sources and product innovation in Vietnamese firms.
• Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: How to Grow in the Future?
• State-Owned Enterprise Reform in Vietnam: A Dynamic CGE Analysis.
• The Belt and Road Initiative in Vietnam: Challenges and Prospects.
• India and Vietnam: A “strategic partnership” in the making.
• Building a Better Trade Model to Determine Local Effects: A Regional and Intertemporal GTAP Model.
• Trade Efficiency, Free Trade Agreements and Rules of Origin.
• Does Social Trust Affect Public Support for International Trade? Insights from an Experiment in Vietnam.

• Full-day Schooling and Educational Inequality in Vietnam.
• Accessing higher education in developing countries: Panel data analysis from India, Peru, and Vietnam.
• The ‘Advanced Programmes’ in Vietnam: Internationalising the Curriculum or Importing the ‘Best Curriculum’ of the West?
• Internationalisation in Vietnamese Higher Education.
• Skill Gap from Employers’ Evaluation: A case of VNU Graduates.
• Hospitality higher education in Vietnam: Voices from stakeholders.

• Inclusion of Health in Environmental Impact Assessment of Major Transport Infrastructure Projects in Vietnam.
• Toward Carbon Certificate in Vietnam: Net Ecosystem Production and Basic Income for the Local Community.
• Assessing household livelihood vulnerability to climate change: The case of Northwest Vietnam.
• Local and Indigenous Knowledge for Disaster Prevention and Livelihood Protection in Rural North Central Vietnam.
• An overview of some extreme weather phenomena and socio and economic impacts in Viet Nam.
• Impact of Co-firing Straw for Power Generation to Air Quality: A Case Study in Two Coal Power Plants in Vietnam.
• Waste Recycling System for a Tourism City in Vietnam: Situation and Sustainable Strategy Approach – Case Study in Hoi An City, Vietnam.
• Tourist and Local Resident Preferences for the Northern Yellow-Cheeked Gibbon (Nomascus annamensis) Conservation Program in the Bach Ma National Park, Central Vietnam.

• Determinants of Female’s Employment Outcomes in Vietnam.
• The gender’ problem in traditional handicraft enterprises in the periphery of Ha Noi (VietNam).

• Do associations support authoritarian rule? Evidence from Algeria, Mozambique, and Vietnam.
• Economic and non-economic returns to Communist Party membership in Viet Nam.
• Malesky vs. Fforde: How Best to Analyze Vietnamese Politics?

• Secular trend, seasonality and effects of a community-based intervention on neonatal mortality: follow-up of a cluster-randomised trial in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.
• Validation of verbal autopsy methods using hospital medical records: a case study in Vietnam.
• Views by health professionals on the responsiveness of commune health stations regarding non-communicable diseases in urban Hanoi, Vietnam: a qualitative study.
• Cost-of-Illness and the Health-Related Quality of Life of Patients in the Dengue Fever Outbreak in Hanoi in 2017.
• The decline of malaria in Vietnam, 1991–2014.
• Epidemiology of acute diarrhea caused by rotavirus in sentinel surveillance sites of Vietnam, 2012–2015.
• Knowledge, attitude, and practice on and willingness to pay for human papillomavirus vaccine: a cross-sectional study in Hanoi, Vietnam.
• Measuring the progress of the timeliness childhood immunization compliance in Vietnam between 2006-2014: A decomposition analysis.
• Predicting the impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine programme options in Vietnam.
• Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment, and Control of Hypertension and Its Risk Factors in (Central) Vietnam.
• Primary Care Influenza-like Illness Surveillance in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2013-2015.
• Understanding spatial variations of malaria in Vietnam using remotely sensed data integrated into GIS and machine learning classifiers.
• Zika preparedness and response in Viet Nam.
• Receptiveness and preferences of health-related smartphone applications among Vietnamese youth and young adults.
• Associations between urban road-traffic emissions, health risks, and socioeconomic status in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: a cross-sectional study.
• Healthcare consumers’ sensitivity to costs: a reflection on behavioural economics from an emerging market.
• Willingness-to-Pay for Family-Based Health Insurance: Findings From Household And Health Facility Surveys in Central Vietnam.
• Introducing supported self-management for depression to primary care in Vietnam: A feasibility study in preparation for a randomized controlled trial.
• Trajectories of depression in adolescents and young adults in Vietnam during rapid urbanisation: evidence from a longitudinal study.
• Assessing the nonlinearity of the calorie-income relationship: an estimation strategy – With new insights on nutritional transition in Vietnam.
• Who is being left behind? An analysis of improved drinking water and basic sanitation access in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.

• Attributes of a viable policy for the Vietnam electricity sector: opinions of stakeholders.
• Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Approaches for Solar Power Plant Location Selection in Viet Nam.
• Supply chain model for renewable energy resource from biomass in Vietnam.

• Deconcentration pattern of port system: Case in Southern Vietnam.
• Mobilizing Finance for Local Infrastructure Development in Vietnam: A City Infrastructure Financing Facility.
• Effects of higher maximum speed limits to vehicle speeds: A before – after analysis on rural divided highways in Vietnam.
• The Impact of Road Infrastructure Development on Communities and Urban Form Changes in Cities of Emerging Countries: A Case Study of Danang, Vietnam.
• Contesting socialist state visions for modern mobilities: informal motorbike taxi drivers’ struggles and strategies on Hanoi’s streets, Vietnam.

• Gentrifications in Hanoi city inner: Characteristics, causes and solutions.
• Modelling urban expansion in the transitional Greater Mekong Region.
• The Relationship between Urbanization and Economic Growth: An Empirical Study on ASEAN Countries.
• Street in Hanoi ancient quarter as cultural place: A case study of Hang Buom street.
• Chains of Love? Global Production and the Firm‐Level Diffusion of Labor Standards.

• Urban poverty across the spectrum of Vietnam’s towns and cities.

• Heterogeneous impacts of provincial governance on household welfare in Vietnam.
• Welfare Dynamics Measurement: Two Definitions of a Vulnerability Line and Their Empirical Application.
• Current laws, policies and practices for older persons in Viet Nam.
• Leaving no one behind in a growing Vietnam: The story from Young Lives.
• The Role of Land Wealth on Child Labour in Vietnam.
• The Impact of Migration and Remittances on Household Welfare: Evidence from Vietnam.
• Migrant Labor and State Power: Vietnamese Workers in Malaysia and Vietnam.
• Inter-Agency Cooperation to Raise Awareness on Human Trafficking in Vietnam: Good Practices and Challenges.

• Assessing sustainable tourism in Vietnam: a hierarchical structure approach.

• Water allocation in trans-boundary river basin during droughts: A case study of Vu Gia Thu Bon basin, Vietnam.
• Water conflict on the Mekong River.
• Water Use Efficiency and Influencing Factors in the Mekong River Basin Region Based on Grey Relational Analysis.


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