World Bank: New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 10, number 3 (2018 February 27)


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Table of Content

Agriculture and Rural development

• Economic impact of climate change on agriculture using Ricardian approach: A case of northwest Vietnam.
• Investigating the impacts of typhoon-induced floods on the agriculture in the central region of Vietnam by using hydrological models and satellite data.
• Ecosystem Services of Traditional Homegardens in South and Southeast Asia.
• Efficiency of Different Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture Systems in the Red River Delta of Vietnam.
• Are Ecosystem Services Complementary or Competitive? An Econometric Analysis of Cost Functions of Private Forests in Vietnam.
• Cultivating forests: The role of forest land in household livelihood adaptive strategies in the Bac Kan Province of northern Vietnam.
• Mangrove forests and aquaculture in the Mekong river delta.
• Timber Trafficking in Vietnam: Crime, Security and the Environment.
• Interplay between land-use dynamics and changes in hydrological regime in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.
• Benefit–Cost Analysis of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccination at the Farm-Level in South Vietnam.
• Surveillance and early warning systems for climate-sensitive diseases in Vietnam: Key findings from the Pestforecast project.
• Climate Smart Rice Cropping systems in Vietnam: State of knowledge and prospects.
• Modelling the factors affecting the adoption of eco-friendly rice production in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.
• Preliminary Assessment of Rice Production in Coastal Part of Red River Delta Surrounding Xuan Thuy National Park, Vietnam, for Improving Resilience.
• Price effect and competition coefficients of agricultural exports – the case for Vietnamese export rice.
• The Two Rice Deltas of Vietnam: A Century of Failure and Success.
• Eco-efficiency analysis of sustainability-certified coffee production in Vietnam.

Economic development

• Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2018: Fostering Growth through Digitalisation.
• The Involvement in Global Value Chains and its Policy Implication in Vietnam.
• Turbulence and Order in Economic Development: Institutions and Economic Transformation in Tanzania and Vietnam.
• Business Formalization in Vietnam.
• Impacts of Institutions on the Performances of Enterprises in Vietnam.
• Internationalization and the growth of Vietnamese micro, small, and medium sized enterprises: Evidence from panel quantile regressions.
• Made in Vietnam: The Effects of Internal, Collaborative, and Regional Knowledge Sources of Product Innovation in Vietnamese Firms.
• Technological Challenges of Vietnamese Enterprises in the International Market.
• From central planning toward a market economy: The role of ownership and competition in Vietnamese firms’ productivity.
• Tax corruption and private sector development in Vietnam.
• Logistics Development in ASEAN: Complex Challenges Ahead.


• The reproduction of ‘best practice’: Following Escuela Nueva to the Philippines and Vietnam.
• Quality challenges in transnational higher education under profit-driven motives: The Vietnamese experience.
• A Skills beyond School Commentary on Viet Nam.


• Tradeoff analysis between electricity generation and ecosystem services in the Lower Mekong Basin.
• An analytical approach in accounting for social values of ecosystem services in a Ramsar site: A case study in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
• A study of multiple party management of national park in China: a case study of co-management model of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam.
• Assessing the impact of sea level rise due to climate change on seawater intrusion in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
• Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change and Disasters for Sustainable Development: Case Study of Vietnam Coastal Urban Areas.
• Farmers’ own assessment of climate smart agriculture: Insights from Ma village in Vietnam.
• Flood risk management activities in Vietnam: A study of local practice in Quang Nam province.
• Mekong River Delta farm-household willingness to pay for salinity intrusion risk reduction.
• Melaleuca entrapping microsites as a nature based solution to coastal erosion: A pilot study in Kien Giang, Vietnam.
• Macroplastic and microplastic contamination assessment of a tropical river (Saigon River, Vietnam) transversed by a developing megacity.
• Improved trade-offs of hydropower and sand connectivity by strategic dam planning in the Mekong.

Gender issues

• Intimate partner violence (IPV): The validity of an IPV screening instrument utilized among pregnant women in Tanzania and Vietnam.


• Local governance and occupational choice among young people: First evidence from Vietnam.
• Does Competition Lead Firms to Bribery? A Firm-Level Study in Southeast Asia.

Health care

• Factors Associated with Perceived Health Status of the Vietnamese Older People.
• Childhood overweight and obesity amongst primary school children in Hai Phong City, Vietnam.
• Cross-country comparison of proportion of alcohol consumed in harmful drinking occasions using the International Alcohol Control Study.
• Factors Associated with Cigarette Smoking and Motivation to Quit among Street Food Sellers in Vietnam.
• Effects of health insurance on labour supply: Evidence from the health care fund for the poor in Viet Nam.
• Study design and the estimation of the size of key populations at risk of HIV: lessons from Viet Nam.
• Cost savings through implementation of an integrated home-based record: a case study in Vietnam.
• Meta-standardization as a remedy for tensions and complexities: The case of medical service lists in Vietnam.
• Vietnamese Herbal Database Towards Big Data Science In Nature-Based Medicine.
• Patterns of the utilization of prenatal diagnosis services among pregnant women, their satisfaction and its associated factors in Viet Nam.
• Is electricity affordable and reliable for all in Vietnam?


• Doing Urban Development Fieldwork: Motorbike Ethnography in Hanoi.
• A Psychological Investigation on Private Vehicle Users Toward Public Transport Usage in a Developing City.
• Lives saved by laws and regulations that resulted from the Bloomberg road safety program.

Urban development

• OECD Urban Policy Reviews: Viet Nam.


• An analysis of poverty dynamics in rural Vietnam.

Social development

• Livelihood Pathways of Indigenous People in Vietnam’s Central Highlands: Exploring Land-Use Change.


• Case Study Vietnam: Climate change vulnerability assessment of coastal tourism in Cu Lao Cham Island.

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