Tuberculosis: new hope for an ancient disease

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Photo: Miriam Schneidman / World Bank

The global community is coming together to tackle an ancient disease that still inflicts interminable human suffering.  Globally, one person dies of TB every 20 seconds.  While progress has been made over the past decade much remains to be done.  Annually, there are still 10.4 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths. One of the key challenges is to find the 4 million missing cases, individuals who develop TB but are missed by health systems and continue to transmit the disease. With the global commitment to end TB, there is a renewed sense of hope in the battle against TB.

Lives and faces behind the numbers

On a hot afternoon in New Delhi, a 45-year old woman explained to visiting guests the devastation unleashed on her family when several members were diagnosed with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), a lethal form of the disease.  Due to delayed diagnosis and overcrowding, the disease spread to other family members and several succumbed, including the main breadwinner. Tiếp tục đọc “Tuberculosis: new hope for an ancient disease”