World Bank – New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 10, number 2 (2018 February 2)

New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 10, number 2 (2018 February 2)

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Agriculture and Rural development

· Analysis of food demand in Vietnam and short-term impacts of market shocks on quantity and calorie consumption.
· The Challenges in Implementing Vietnam’s Nationally-Determined Contribution (NDC) in the Agriculture Sector under the Current Supporting Laws, Regulations, and Policies.
· Sustainable coffee supply chain management: a case study in Buon Me Thuot City, Daklak, Vietnam.
· Sustainable intensification of smallholder agriculture in Northwest Vietnam: Exploring the potential of integrating vegetables.
· Forest governance in Vietnam: A literature review.
· Performance Assessment of Irrigation Schemes and Water Pollution Issues Raised in the Red River, Vietnam.
· Self-governance and the Effects of Rules in Irrigation Systems: Evidence from Laboratory and Framed Field Experiments in China, India and Vietnam.
· Mapping land-use dynamic in the Vietnamese Mekong delta.
· Pig production and farm income in the pig value chain in Hung Yen and Nghe An provinces.
· Development of Climate-Related Risk Maps and Adaptation Plans (Climate Smart MAP) for Rice Production in Vietnam’s Mekong River Delta.
· Actively cautious: Industrialization and rural livelihood choices in contemporary northern Vietnam.

Economic development

· The missing middle: A political economy of economic restructuring in Vietnam.
· Determinants of Innovative Propensity in Vietnamese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
· Development characteristics of SME sector in Vietnam: Evidence from the Vietnam Enterprise Census 2006-2015.
· Do OECD‐type governance principles have economic value for Vietnamese firms at IPO?
· Employment contract and SMEs’ innovation in developing and transition economies: The case of Vietnam.
· Young Innovative Companies: Are They High Performers in Transition Economies? Evidence for Vietnam.
· Evaluation of the Law on Public Debt Management of Vietnam and some Policy Implications.
· Fiscal policy and provincial growth: The case of Vietnam.
· The impact of government policies on FDI decision of multinational corporations: an application to the Vietnamese service industry.
· Intra-regional Trade Effects of ASEAN Free Trade Area in the Textile and Clothing Industry.
· Vietnam’s recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and preparation for EVFTA.

Public finance

· Managing Fiscal Risks of Subnational Borrowing in Viet Nam: Improving Public Expenditure Quality Program.
· Reforming Railway and Metro Asset Management in Viet Nam: Improving Public Expenditure Quality Program.
· Strengthening Fiscal Risk Management of Government Guaranteed Loans in Viet Nam: Improving Public Expenditure Quality Program.


· Disparities in children’s vocabulary and height in relation to household wealth and parental schooling: A longitudinal study in four low- and middle-income countries.
· Green Jobs and the Greening of Economies in Asia: Case Study Summaries of India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam.
· Young Lives School Surveys 2016–17: Evidence from Vietnam.
· Young Lives School Surveys, 2016-17: The Design and Development of Teacher Measures for Use in Ethiopia, India and Vietnam.


· The comparative analyses of selected aspects of conservation and management of Vietnam’s national parks.
· Impacts on the ecosystem and human well-being of the marine protected area in Cu Lao Cham, Vietnam.
· ASEAN Disaster Law Mapping – Implementing AADMER: A Regional Stocktake.
· ASEAN Disaster Law Mapping – Implementing AADMER: ASEAN Country Profiles.
· Development of a Procedure for Evaluating the Impacts of the Accidental Emission of Hazardous Chemicals, Case Study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
· Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Hydropower in the Mekong River Basin [Accepted manuscript].
· Concrete recycling life cycle flows and performance from construction and demolition waste in Hanoi.
· Impact of anthropogenic activities on water quality and plankton communities in the Day River (Red River Delta, Vietnam).


· The challenge of ensuring gender equality in Vietnamese and English high schools: espoused and real commitments.

Health care

· Completeness and reliability of mortality data in Viet Nam: Implications for the national routine health management information system.
· Development and validation of the Vietnamese primary care assessment tool.
· Implementation of a Sustainable Training System for Emergency in Vietnam.
· Sociodemographic Factors Influencing Vietnamese Patient Satisfaction with Healthcare Services and Some Meaningful Empirical Thresholds.
· Development of a Maternal, Newborn and Child mHealth Intervention in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam: Protocol for the mMom Project.
· Protecting, balancing, and confronting: Health-seeking among homeless youth in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
· Injury Mortality in Vietnam: Patterns and Trends, 2005-2013.
· Sensitivity, completeness and agreement of the tuberculosis electronic system in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
· Alcohol Consumption and Binge Drinking Among Adult Population: Evidence From the CHILILAB Health and Demographic Surveillance System in Vietnam.
· The Alcohol Environment Protocol: A new tool for alcohol policy.
· Feasibility of e-Health Interventions on Smoking Cessation among Vietnamese Active Internet Users.
· Nursing qualification and workforce for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Community.
· Strengthening Public Health Management Capacity in Vietnam: Preparing Local Public Health Workers for New Roles in a Decentralized Health System.
· Antibiotics in the aquatic environment of Vietnam: Sources, concentrations, risk and control strategy.
· PBDEs and novel brominated flame retardants in road dust from northern Vietnam: Levels, congener profiles, emission sources and implications for human exposure.
· Retrospective analysis assessing the spatial and temporal distribution of paediatric acute respiratory tract infections in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
· Do the more educated utilize more health care services? Evidence from Vietnam using a regression discontinuity design.
· Universal Health Insurance Coverage in Vietnam: A Stakeholder Analysis From Policy Proposal (1989) to Implementation (2014).
· Food Safety Knowledge and Hygiene Practice of Street Vendors in Mekong River Delta Region.
· Child Desire Among Men and Women Living with HIV/AIDS in the Traditional Culture of Vietnam.
· Community Participatory Interventions to Improve Farmer Knowledge and Practices of Household Biogas Unit Operation in Ha Nam Province, Vietnam.
· Factors associated with breastfeeding intent among mothers of newborn babies in Da Nang, Viet Nam.
· The cost-effectiveness of trivalent and quadrivalent influenza vaccination in communities in South Africa, Vietnam and Australia.
· Community-Based Screening for Cervical Cancer Using Visual Inspection With Acetic Acid: Results and Lessons Learned From a Pilot Study in Vietnam.
· The Association Between Gender Inequalities and Women’s Utilization of Maternal Health Services: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Eight South Central Coast Provinces, Vietnam.
· Evaluation of an Ecohealth Approach to Public Health Intervention in Ha Nam, Vietnam.
· Health Service Utilization Among People With Noncommunicable Diseases in Rural Vietnam.
· Utilization of Services Provided by Village-Based Ethnic Minority Midwives in Vietnam: Lessons From Implementation Research.


· Integration of Renewable Power Sources into the Vietnamese Power System.
· Pathways to Low-Carbon Development for Viet Nam.


· Price Determinants of Affordable Apartments in Vietnam: Toward the Public–Private Partnerships for Sustainable Housing Development.


· Anticipating the Automobile: Transportation Transformations in Vietnam.

Urban development

· Rethinking metropolitan production from its underside: A view from the alleyways of Hồ Chí Minh City.

Social development

· Partnering with Educational Leaders to Advance Social Work Education in Vietnam.
· The Challenges in Implementation of the Rights to Participate in Political Field of the Ethnic Minority Women Groups: Kotu and Taoi in Thuathienhue Province of Vietnam.
· Planned relocation in the context of Environmental Change in Hoa Binh Province, Northern Viet Nam: An analysis of household decision-making and relocation outcomes.
· Tái định cư trong bối cảnh biến đổi môi trường ở tỉnh Hòa Bình, Việt Nam: Phân tích quá trình ra quyết định của các hộ gia đình và các kết quả của chương trình tái định cư.
· Understanding long-term livelihood resilience of resettled ethnic groups in the Yali Falls Dam basin, Central Highlands of Vietnam [PhD Thesis].

Water resources


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