Cửa Vạn among most beautiful villages around the world

Last update 11:13 | 16/01/2018

Cua Van, a small floating fishing village in the northern province of Quang Ninh, has been listed among the world’s 16 most beautiful villages by Journeyetc.com, a travel advisory website. 

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Cua Van floating fishing village (Source: journeyetc.com)

“You’ll be amazed at the historical sites and the cobble stone streets of this village,” the website said, describing Cua Van village as definitely one of the most scenic around the world.

“Admire the majestic lime stone hills of Ha Long Bay, take photos of this floating fishing village and colorful raft houses, and immerse yourself in the rustic lifestyle of Cua Van,” it said.

There are also more luxurious, overnight cruises available to this destination, according to the website.

Other villages included in the list are Wengen in Switzerland, Chimayo in New Mexico, Savoca in Italy, Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia and Shirakawa-go in Japan, among others.

“These places are sure to give you goose bumps because they have managed to retain so much of their culture from decades, if not centuries ago,” the website said.-VNA


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