Bac Lieu has high hopes for renewable energy

Last update 07:50 | 15/01/2018
VietNamNet Bridge – Soon after the Prime Minister agreed to Bac Lieu province’s proposal to cancel the Cai Cung thermopower project, investors visited the area to seek opportunities to develop renewable power projects.

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Vietnam wants to develop ‘clean power’

Duong Thanh Trung, chair of Bac Lieu‘s People’s Committee, in late 2017 confirmed that the PM had agreed to remove Cai Cung project from the electricity development program. This will pave the way for the province to step up the development of renewable energy.

He revealed that many investors had come to Bac Lieu, promising investment capital of VND100 trillion for green energy.

“This is huge capital for a poor province like Bac Lieu and we hope it will serve as the impetus for the local economy to develop,” he said.

Trung said that renewable energy is a reasonable choice for Bac Lieu to keep the environment clean for economic development, including hi-tech shrimp hatchery development.

Renewable energy is a reasonable choice for Bac Lieu to keep the environment clean for economic development, including hi-tech shrimp hatchery development.

Besides the projects which have approval from provincial authorities, projects put forward by another 20 investors in the renewable energy sector have been put on the table of Bac Lieu leaders.

Trinh said investors are coming to Bac Lieu as it has one successful wind-power project and renewable energy developers understand they will receive support from central and local agencies.

As Cai Cung thermopower project has now been weeded out from the electricity development program, the electricity output will decrease by 3,000 MW compared with the plan. Therefore, the PM has asked local authorities to find other alternative energy sources.

Promising that local authorities will ‘give maximum support to investors’, Trung hopes the province on the Ca Mau peninsula will become a ‘bright spot’ for renewable power development.

Cong Ly Ltd is known as a wind power developer in Bac Lieu now with a VND5.2 trillion project. To date, it has put 62 wind turbine poles with total capacity of 99.2 MW into operation, producing 320 million kwh of electricity a year.

An analyst commented that developing renewable energy is a wise move for Bac Lieu authorities, because this will help attract more big investors. The locality also focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development.

The government of Vietnam has set a target of developing 850 MW ‘clean power’ by 2020 and 12 GW by 2030.

Regarding solar power, the solar radiation of 1,460-2,000 kWh/m2/year is ideal for this type of energy.


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