Artists from central Vietnam flaunt artwork in Ho Chi Minh City


Updated : 05/07/2017 17:00 GMT + 7

Currently displayed works by artists from central Vietnamese provinces are a breath of fresh air for art enthusiasts in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nine artists are showcasing their paintings in an exhibition called ‘Gio Lao’ (Foehn), which opened on Saturday at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, at 97A, Pho Duc Chinh Street in District 1, and runs until May 16.

The group, comprising Vu Duy Tam, Ho Van Hung, Nguyen Van He, Nguyen Hoang Trang, Tran Huu Nhat, Vo Van Than, Nguyen An, Tran The Vinh and Tran Ngoc Bay, all hail from central provinces and graduated in fine arts from Hue University.

The exhibition features 42 pieces in different materials including arcrylic, oil and water color.

While Vu Duy Tam accentuates children’s innocent world in his portraits, Ho Van Hung showcases picturesque landscapes in his elegant water color works, and Nguyen Van He highlights human emotions amidst  nature.

Meanwhile, works by artists Tran The Vinh, Vo Van Than, Nguyen Hoang Trang, Tran Ngoc Bay and Nguyen An incorporate contemporary breaths with the rich spiritual life in Hue, Vietnam’s imperial capital.

The event’s theme, ‘Gio Lao’ or Foehn, which is a type of dry, warm, down-slope wind that occurs in the downwind side of a mountain range, is a distinctive climatic characteristic in coastal provinces in central Vietnam.

‘Noi Binh Yen’ (A peaceful place) by Nguyen Hoang Trang.

‘Am anh’ (Obsession) by Vo Van Than

‘Tho Ngay’ (Innocence), an oil painting by Vu Duy Tam

‘Thu Qua Ngo’ (Autumn in the Alley), a water color painting by Ho Van Hung

‘Vat Nang’ (Patch of Sunlight) by Ho Van Hung


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