Moments in history

Last update 17:58 | 25/04/2017

Photos of many memorable moments during the national liberation war, captured by Minh Loc as a field reporter at the Vietnam New Agency, have been presented to the public at a recent exhibition.

Photo journalist Minh Loc at the exhibition.

Shoulder-carried arms

Militia soldiers fire at low-altitude aircraft

A B52 bomber on the sky

Wreckage of aircraft of the then Republic of Vietnam on the road

Spring inside the Tay Ninh military base

Soldiers climb the 986-metre Ba Den mountain (Tay Ninh provnce)

Female soldiers at work

Evacuated children have fun in the safe area

Katyusha rocket launcher

Trucks carry construction materials to the south to build the B2 bureau of Vietnam News Agency

A road in Vinh Linh

A shot-down helicopter on top of a house in Sai Gon

A tank of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces enters Sai Gon

President of the puppetry South Vietnam government Duong Van Minh announces to surrender unconditionally

Handshakes of victory

Festival of national unity

A class in Ninh Loc town after the liberation of the south

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