Subsidence causes road leading to Ho Chi Minh City to be wavy

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Updated : 04/09/2017 11:14 GMT + 7

A truck travels on the wavy Hanoi Highway that leads to the east entrance of Ho Chi Minh City.
Tuoi Tre

Serious subsidence has caused a major route leading to the east entrance of Ho Chi Minh City to become ‘wavy,’ endangering vehicles traveling on the road.

A section of Hanoi Highway, which connects District 9 in Ho Chi Minh City with neighboring provinces to the east of the city, has had its surface heavily distorted by severe subsidence.

As a large amount of traffic flows on the highway on a daily basis, its surface has become wave-like, with the gaps measuring about 10 to 20 centimeters deep, causing immense challenges for vehicles.

Commuters have to travel at a snail’s pace in order to avoid potential accidents.

Aside from the curvy surface, the asphalt cover of several parts of the road has also peeled off.

According to Tran Si Thang, director of Urban Traffic Management Zone No. 2, which manages the road section, the heavy load of daily traffic has driven the road to be degraded.

The unit will start to repair the road surface, Thang stated, adding that a layer of asphalt would be added on the affected section as a temporary measure to ensure traffic safety.

Vehicles travel on the wave-like surface of Hanoi Highway. Photo: Tuoi Tre

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