North Korea threatens to sink approaching US carrier

Al Jazeera

Rhetoric rises as Pyongyang also warns Australia of a nuclear attack if it joins any US strike on the communist nation.

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is expected to reach the Korean peninsula within days [Sean M Castellano/US Navy via Reuters]

North Korea threatened on Sunday to sink a US aircraft carrier cruising towards the tense Korean peninsula, and said it would strike Australia with nuclear weapons if it “blindly” followed its American ally.

The latest warnings from Pyongyang came as two Japanese navy ships joined the American supercarrier strike group for exercises in the western Pacific. Tiếp tục đọc “North Korea threatens to sink approaching US carrier”

Old Tainan street becomes tourist hotspot by bringing in the new


The standees of cats on Zhengxing Street are created based on the appearances of local residents and shop owners here. (Photo: Chao Fan-hao)

TAINAN CITY, Taiwan: With a history of 300 years, streets of Taiwan’s Tainan City are rich in heritage. One in particular has become a hub of bustling activity thanks to a man who helped incorporate the old with the new.

From a place that people saw little reason to visit, Zhengxing Street has now become a magnet for crowds. A tempura shop, which has been on Zhengxing Street for more than 10 years, bears silent witness to its transformation. Tiếp tục đọc “Old Tainan street becomes tourist hotspot by bringing in the new”