VN gender rights efforts highlighted

August, 31 2015 09:46:18
TOKYO (VNS) — National Assembly Vice-Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan discussed Viet Nam’s efforts to promote gender equality and women’s wide-ranging participation in social life at the closing ceremony of the World Assembly for Women (WAW!) in Tokyo on Saturday.

In her speech, she told participants that Viet Nam had actively implemented the National Strategy on Gender Equality for 2011-2020.

She praised the WAW! 2015 as a significant event demonstrating the Japanese Government’s interest in encouraging women’s higher social involvement.

The two-day WAW! event, the second of its kind held in Japan, attracted the participation of about 1,300 delegates, including 140 leaders from 40 countries, territories and international organisations.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a message praising societies where women shone and held positions of leadership, and encouraged women’s active participation in various aspects of life.

He also pledged that Japan would spend more than US$347 million in official development assistance over the next three years to promote women’s role throughout the world. — VNS

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