Đà Lạt prepares for flower festival

Update: November, 25/2019 – 07:42 VNS

Lê Đại Hành Street in Đà Lạt. Themed ‘Đà Lạt and Flowers’, the biennial festival will take place next month in the Central Highland province of Lâm Đồng. — Photo dalatcity.org

HÀ NỘI — Preparations for the upcoming 8th Đà Lạt Flower Festival were underway and would be completed by November 30, according to officials.

Themed ‘Đà Lạt and Flowers’, the biennial festival will take place next month in the Central Highland province of Lâm Đồng. It will include various cultural, art and tourism shows to promote the city’s image as the land of flowers.

The board announced at a press conference last Friday in Hà Nội that this year’s event would include 12 unique programmes, nine of which would be held in Đà Lạt City including the opening ceremony.

They will be accompanied by performances on large, 3D stages featuring local landscapes such as Xuân Hương Lake and Cù Hill.

They promise to have a special impression on visitors.

Flowers displays will be set up in central areas and five flower villages in Đà Lạt, aiming to convey messages about a “gentle, elegant and hospitable” city that is “safe, civilised and friendly.

Trần Thị Vũ Loan, vice chairman of Đà Lạt’s People’s Committee, said the city was in final stages of preparing for the festival, which will take place from December 20-24.

Loan said the city was completing upgrade work on routes in the city centre, and fixing power supplies in where the event will take place.

“Preparations for the festival, including sanitation work and ornamental trees and plants, started in early 2019 with the participation of local communities. Flowerbeds and green trees have been nurtured in the central area where the main events will take place to prepare for the city to welcome both Christmas and New Year,” said Loan.

A report from the organisers said Đà Lạt was a famous tourist destination, attracting visitors all year round, especially during cultural and tourism events, so regulations in this area must receive attention.

Details of services and prices should be mandatory, according to the report.

“If violations are discovered, authorities respond immediately,” the report said.

Đà Lạt currently has about 24,000 hotel and guest rooms, catering for about 70,000 visitors per day.

The board has also implemented promotions focusing on improving local awareness of environmental protection and social security during the festival, stressing the need to prevent littering during and after the event.

It appealed to tourism agencies and companies to ensure visitors enjoy their time in the city by preventing overcharging and protecting the environment.

The highlight of the festival will be a Lâm Đồng Tea and Silk Culture Week to be organised in in Bảo Lộc District.

Speaking at the press conference, Lê Trọng Tuấn, vice chairman of Bảo Lộc City’s People’s Committee, said the tea and silk culture week aimed to promote local trade, tourism and tea and silk production in the city.

The opening ceremony would feature the theme “B’Lao Shimmering Night”, while the silk fashion show had been dubbed “Flying High-Rising Far”. A workshop on the tea and mulberry industries associated with the socio-economic development of Bảo Lộc City would also be held, said the official.

A conference to promote links between vegetable and flower production, an international flower and bonsai exhibition, a Việt Nam-Korea culture and art exchange programme, and a programme to honour Đà Lạt’s architectural heritage are all on the agenda.

image: http://image.vietnamnews.vn/uploadvnnews/Article/2019/11/24/53090_W2.jpg

Flower displays will be set up in central areas and five flower villages in Đà Lạt. — Photo dalattrip.com

Tôn Thiện San, chairman of the People’s Committee and head of the festival’s organising board, said: “This will be the eighth festival Đà Lạt has hosted, and it’s becoming known as the first festival city in Việt Nam. It’s helped to create great economic value and boosted the city’s tourism development, honouring local horticulturists and encouraging the flower industry to grow.”

“Over the years, the city’s economy has grown by more than 10 per cent annually. The festival has attracted an increasing number of visitors. Last year alone, the city welcomed 6 million tourists while its population is between just 25,000 and 30,000 people,” said San.

Lâm Đồng Province has a total area of 3,450ha of flower plantations for domestic use and global exports, with an output of 1 billion items per year.

In Đà Lạt City alone, about 5,000 households and more than 30 enterprises are engaged in supplying different species of flowers including roses, mimosa and orchids.

The Đà Lạt Flower Festival has been held every two years since 2005. It is regarded as an exclusive event that attracts large numbers of Vietnamese and foreign tourists. — VNS

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