Accessing the 45 largest companies in Vietnam – Transparency in Corporate Reporting 2018

Hanoi, 21 August 2018.

Vietnamese companies do not perform well in reporting on their anti-corruption programs. However, they outperform their foreign counterparts on the disclosure of their organizational structure and ownership., thanks to local existing regulations. FDI companies are far ahead their local counterparts in disclosing their anti-corruption programs. None of the companies operating outside of Vietnam discloses key financial information for countries where they operate.

These are some highlights of the key findings of the report “Transparency in Corporate Reporting: Assessing the 45 largest companies” (TRAC Vietnam 2018), released today by Towards Transparency (TT), the National Contact of Trasparency International (TI) in 3 dimensions: anti-corruption programs, organizational structure and financial information on a country-by-country basis.

Following TRAC Vietnam 2017, this report is the second assessment of the largest companies operating in Vietnam, based on Transparency in Corporate Reporting (TRAC) Methodology developed by TI.

The full text of te report with the description of the methodology and detailed findings is available here

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