Vietnam files complaint to WTO about US anti-dumping duties on fish

Last update 15:00 | 15/01/2018

Vietnam has filed a complaint to the WTO over US anti-dumping measures on Vietnamese fish exports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced on January 14.

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According to the WTO filing, Vietnam is seeking consultations with the US government concerning certain US anti-dumping regulations and practices as well as certain anti-dumping determinations in administrative reviews on fish fillets from Vietnam.

The US was accused of improper use of the zeroing methodology, which usually results in a higher level of anti-dumping duties on foreign producers, and other practices inconsistent with the WTO.

Vietnam also voiced concern that the US broke the rules on dispute settlement when turning down Vietnamese exporters’ request for revocation of anti-dumping measures although they are eligible for such a revocation.

The request for consultation is the first mandatory step in the WTO’s dispute settlement procedure.

The US will have 60 days to resolve the complaint; otherwise Vietnam could request adjudication from the WTO.

This is the fourth time that Vietnam has initiated a dispute with the WTO, after two complaints about US anti-dumping measures on certain shrimp from Vietnam and one about Indonesia’s safeguards on certain Vietnamese steel products.

Nhan Dan

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