Peaceful Hoi An featured in oil paintings


Updated : 04/06/2017 13:01 GMT + 7

A young painter born in the central province of Quang Nam has to look no further than the provincial tourist city of Hoi An to find inspiration for his works.

Nguyen Huu Duc, born in 1991, proudly said a collection of oil paintings depicting a pure, simple and peaceful Hoi An Ancient Town is the “treasure of my painting career” over the last two years.

Duc has captured all what makes Hoi An known around the world – the town’s ancient houses with red tile roofs, yellow walls and the bougainvilleas. The young painter also finds inspiration in a pair of hens, an aging oil lamp, an old bicycle or a ceramic tea set.

Duc graduated from the Hue University of Fine Arts and currently works as a freelance painter.

Below are some of his peaceful Hoi An oil paintings.

Nguyen Huu Duc

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