CSIS Southeast Asia SIT-REP, April 9, 2016

CSIS Southeast Asia SIT-REP

This issue includes an analysis of Myanmar’s foreign policy outlook under the National League for Democracy government, an explainer on the Philippine presidential elections, and analyses on Vietnam’s challenges in dealing with China and the ASEAN Economic Community 2025’s blueprint, and much more. Links will take you to the full publications, multimedia, or to registration for upcoming programs when available. To jump to a section, select one of the following:


Deep insight into developments that move the dial

Foreign Minister Aung San Suu Kyi Has China, Myanmar’s Military Watching,” by Phuong Nguyen (@PNguyen_DC)
Myanmar experienced a number of firsts over the past week. The Union Parliament—which now counts former political prisoners, doctors, businesspeople, and poets among its ranks—on March 24 approved a new cabinet to serve under the incoming National League for Democracy (NLD) government, the first civilian government to rule the country in over 50 years. In a speech on Armed Forces Day… Read more >>

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The CSIS Asia blog features insights on policy around the Asia Pacific

New Era Dawns in Myanmar,” by Aung Din
It was March 30, a beautiful but extremely hot summer day in Myanmar. The sky above Naypyitaw, the secluded capital, was clear. The enormous parliament compound was filled with thousands of people and I was one of them. I had flown thousands of miles to witness the inauguration of U Htin Kyaw, the first elected civilian president of Myanmar …. Read more >>

Tracking the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections,” by Conor Cronin (@ConorCroninDC) & Norashiqin Toh
On May 9, voters in the Philippines will head to the polls to pick a new president. Outgoing president Benigno Aquino III leaves his successor with a nation hoping to balance economic ties to its Asian neighbors against security concerns that threaten the Philippines’ sovereignty… Read more >>

Vietnam Needs Bold Responses to its China Dilemma,” by Jonathan London (@jdlondon1)
For Vietnam, periods of Chinese expansionism have always posed existential threats. And yet the nature and scope of the present threat is novel in the experience of Vietnam. In this context, a certain lucidity has taken root across Vietnam, as the country’s leaders and people have awoken to the reality that China is today governed by a state bent on territorial expansion… Read more >>

ASEAN 2025: Now for Something Different,” by James Wallar
ASEAN in November 2015 launched a new strategic plan: “ASEAN 2025: Forging Ahead Together.” What was largely lost in the typical ASEAN low-key roll out was the significant new business challenges the grouping agreed to tackle. These included agreements to introduce domestic policies to make their economies more dynamic, including stronger competition policy and…. Read more >>

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The Leaderboard

Two-minute read on the real people that are making news

Nai Thet Lwin, Myanmar’s ethnic affairs minister
On March 22 the National League for Democracy (NLD) nominated Nai Thet Lwin as its minister of ethnic affairs, a newly created position. The portfolio is tasked with improving the government’s relations with ethnic minorities. The ministry will also support national reconciliation and the peace process with armed ethnic groups…. Read more >>

Prak Sokhonn, minister of foreign affairs of Cambodia
Prak Sokhonn’s move into the foreign ministry will probably not result in any major shift in Cambodia’s foreign policy. Prak Sokhonn, like his predecessor, is close to Hun Sen, having served as his personal adviser in several capacities since 1993. Previous reshuffles by Hun Sen resulted in little more than cosmetic changes…. Read more >>

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