E-government as a vehicle to reduce white-collar crimes

By and . Posted March 31, 2016


asiapathway – The increasing use of the internet in recent years has caught the fancy of consumers and producers, in commodities, services, and leisure activities. The wide prevalence of wireless internet access and the portability of devices such as smartphones and tablets have increased access and diffusion of related services and products as possibly no other technology in history.

Slowly but surely, governments are getting into the act by using the cyberspace to provide services. This range of government activities related to the internet is loosely termed e-government. For instance, governments use the internet to provide information and access to various government services such as health advice, tax filings, passport applications, applications for government employment, and business registrations. E-government serves to increase accountability through transparency, enhance the efficient use of public resources, and improve the delivery of public services. Given the wide geographical area over which government services offered via the internet can be accessed, e-government can also be viewed as a form of virtual government decentralization. Tiếp tục đọc “E-government as a vehicle to reduce white-collar crimes”