CSIS: Southeast Asia SIT-REP, Oct. 22, 2015

CSIS Southeast Asia SIT-REP

The SIT-REP gives you links to all of CSIS Southeast Asia’s (@SoutheastAsiaDC) best updates and programs in a five minute read. This issue includes analyses of Vietnam’s upcoming Communist Party congress, politicial issues in Myanmar’s November elections, the uncertain fate awaiting the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law in the Philippines, and a discussion with Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop, and much more. Links will take you to the full publications, multimedia, or to registration for upcoming programs when available. To jump to a section, select one of the following:


Deep insight into developments that move the dial

Vietnam Eyes Greater International Integration—and That’s Good News For The United States,” by Phuong Nguyen (@PNguyen_DC)
For the first time since Vietnam opened up to the world in the late 1980s, the country’s trajectory could shape the future geopolitics of Southeast Asia in significant ways. What that trajectory ought to look like has been a topic of intense discussions among Vietnamese leaders in recent months, as Vietnam gears up for the twelfth Communist Party Congress, expected to take place in early 2016… Read more >>

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Two UXO call-ins from local people lead RENEW teams to dangerous munitions caches left from the war

Project RENEW

Hai Lang, Trieu Phong Districts, Quang Tri (22 October 2015)

On Tuesday local Quang Tri residents made two urgent phone calls to Project RENEW’s hotline to report their discovery of wartime ordnance, and to ask for assistance.

35-year-old Hoang Van Ty, a villager in Trieu Van Commune of Trieu Phong District, was preparing land to build a temple in the village cemetery when he encountered unexploded ordnance (UXO).  He reported the discovery immediately to commune military officer Nguyen Van Lam, who used his mobile phone to call to Project RENEW. Tiếp tục đọc “Two UXO call-ins from local people lead RENEW teams to dangerous munitions caches left from the war”

Indigenous peoples must benefit from science

20 October 2015

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Nature – The sun has been pale for months here in Sumatra and the skies are grey all day — choked with pollution from the massive fires that rage across the Indonesian island. Since the late 1990s, the haze caused by these annual fires has posed a significant threat to the health of Sumatra’s rural communities. This year’s haze is especially bad and has affected major cities, both here and abroad; consequently, the fires have again made headlines around the world.

Many of these news stories blame the big palm-oil companies for the fires. Slash-and-burn techniques remain the cheapest way to clear forest for new plantations. But scientific evidence suggests that this simple narrative is not absolutely true. A number of surveys have found that the bulk of these fires are started outside the official oil-palm concessions. Small-scale farmers seem to be more to blame.

The haze in Indonesia is not just an environmental issue; it is a complex socio-economic problem that is driven partly by conflict over land ownership between palm-oil companies and rural communities — a struggle that the companies usually win. Tiếp tục đọc “Indigenous peoples must benefit from science”

Why states with more marriages are richer states

October 20

Washingtonpost – There is a story gaining steam among some academics that suggests the institution of marriage — particularly marriage for parents of young children — could play an important role in strengthening the American economy. It is a story about growth and poverty, about responsibility and work ethic.

And largely, it is a story about men.

According to new research, states with a high concentration of married couples experience faster economic growth, less child poverty and more economic mobility than states where fewer adults are married, even after controlling for a variety of economic and demographic factors. The study, from the conservative American Enterprise Institute and the Institute for Family Studies, also finds that the share of parents who are married in a state is a better predictor of that state’s economic health than the racial composition and educational attainment of the state’s residents. Tiếp tục đọc “Why states with more marriages are richer states”

The Trans-Pacific Partnership — friend or foe to the environment?

By Megan Strachan & Mark L. Madras

GLOBE-net: On October 5, 2015, Canada announced that it had concluded negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (“TPP”). The TPP is a free trade agreement which will provide Canada with preferential and unprecedented access to the Asia-Pacific Region.

The TTP is currently comprised of twelve Pacific-rim countries, representing a market of 800 million people. The TTP will need to be ratified by party, including Canada, before it will come into force.

For an overview of the TPP, please click here.

While the text of the TPP is not yet available, a technical summary of these environmental commitments is available online. Canada has indicated that the text of the TTP will be made available once the technical review, translation, and legal review are completed. Tiếp tục đọc “The Trans-Pacific Partnership — friend or foe to the environment?”

Coca-Cola Việt Nam bắt đầu đóng thuế sau 20 năm lỗ liên tiếp

VE – Trong tài liệu gửi lên Chủ tịch UBND TP HCM – Lê Hoàng Quân cách đây ít lâu, Coca-Cola Việt Nam khẳng định đã đóng hơn 20 triệu USD thuế các loại trong năm 2014.

Nội dung nêu trên được doanh nghiệp gửi tới UBND TP HCM ngày 19/5, song chỉ vừa được công bố ra bên ngoài. Theo đó lợi nhuận tính thuế năm ngoái của Coca-Cola Việt Nam là 16,6 triệu USD, tăng gấp đôi so với mức 7 triệu USD của năm 2013. Tổng số thuế đóng trong năm 2014 đạt 20 triệu USD, trong khi sản lượng tiêu thụ tăng 25%. Như vậy sau nhiều năm liền công bố thua lỗ, công ty này đã bắt đầu có lãi và đóng thuế.


Coca-Cola Việt Nam đã bắt đầu đóng thuế sau nhiều năm thông báo lỗ lớn.

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Mòn mỏi gặp người thân

21/10/2015 08:58 GMT+7

TTCTTừ khi nghe tin người thân bị bắt giữ cho đến lúc có kết luận điều tra chờ xét xử – thường vài tháng đến vài năm – là khoảng thời gian căng thẳng tột cùng đối với người nhà bị can. Ngoài nỗi lo về thân phận pháp lý mà người thân của họ đang phải đối diện, niềm khát khao lớn nhất của họ là được gặp mặt để thăm hỏi, động viên nhau. Thế nhưng…

Làm thủ tục thăm nuôi -Yến Trinh
Làm thủ tục thăm nuôi -Yến Trinh

Dù 8g mới đến giờ làm việc nhưng từ sớm, mấy dãy ghế trước ô cửa làm thủ tục của trại tạm giam Chí Hòa đã chật kín người. Ngoài cổng xôn xao tiếng hỏi han của những người lần đầu đi thăm nuôi. Đa số đều xách theo bọc nilông đựng nhu yếu phẩm để gửi cho người thân.

Hai năm chưa gặp mặt

Một người đàn ông tóc bạc tên Hai, mặc bộ đồ đã sờn, giọng lo âu: “Đùng một cái nghe tin nó bị bắt, cho tới giờ này tôi cũng chỉ biết nó gây sự đánh nhau với người ta thôi. Hơn ba tháng chưa được thấy mặt con”. Tiếp tục đọc “Mòn mỏi gặp người thân”