World Bank: New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 10, number 10 (2018 October 12)


• Market Constraints, Misallocation, and Productivity in Vietnam Agriculture.
• Weed biological control in the Greater Mekong Subregion: status and opportunities for the future.
• Balancing interests of actors in the ocean tuna value chain of Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam.
• Can income diversification resolve social-ecological traps in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture in the global south? A case study of response diversity in the Tam Giang lagoon, central Vietnam.
• Fishers’ Preference Heterogeneity and Trade-Offs between Design Options for More Effective Monitoring of Fisheries.
• Research and training partnership to assist policy and capacity building in improving food safety in Vietnam.
• Forestland and household welfares in North Central Provinces, Vietnam.
• Antimicrobial Usage in Animal Production: A Review of the Literature with a Focus on Low- and Middle-Income Countries.
• Determinants of Specialty Rice Adoption by Smallholder Farmers in the Red River Delta of Vietnam.
• Using comparative historical analysis to compensate shortcomings of cross-sectional methods in explaining causal mechanisms: Lessons from a study of rice farmers in Vietnam.
• What is the value of sustainably-produced rice? Consumer evidence from experimental auctions in Vietnam.
• Future changes in rice yields over the Mekong River Delta due to climate change—Alarming or alerting?
• Conceptual Review and the Production, Consumption and Price Models of the Natural Rubber Industry in Selected ASEAN Countries and World Market.


• Bank restructuring and bank efficiency – the case of Vietnam.
• Developing local currency bond markets in South-East Asia.
• Vietnam in the Indo-Pacific: Challenges and opportunities in a new regional landscape.
• Mapping the OECD Government Procurement Taxonomy with International Best Practices: An Implementation to ASEAN Countries.
• The new politics of debts: perspectives from an emerging market.
• Productivity and Wage Premiums: Evidence from Vietnamese Ordinary and Processing Exporters.
• Domestic quality certification and growth of Vietnamese MSMEs.
• Economic and non-economic determinants of FDI inflows in Vietnam: a sub-national analysisPost-Communist Economies.
• Paving the way for sustainable remanufacturing in Southeast Asia: An analysis of auto parts markets.
• Do Trade Agreements Increase Vietnam’s Exports to RCEP Markets?
• Impact of Exchange Rate on Vietnam-China Bilateral Trade: Findings from ARDL Approach.
• Vietnam reforms its competition law to bring it up to international standards.


• Predictors of Mathematics and Literacy Skills at 15 years old in Ethiopia, Peru and Vietnam.
• A comparative institutional analysis on strategies that graduates use to show they are ‘employable’: a critical discussion on the cases of Australia, Japan, and Vietnam.
• The Development of Community Colleges in Vietnam.
• “How did researchers get it so wrong?” The acute problem of plagiarism in Vietnamese social sciences and humanities.
• Understanding the Relationship between Language Ability and Plagiarism in Non-native English Speaking Business Students.
• Analysis of factors affecting teacher competence in the northwest mountains of Vietnam.


• Does Income Inequality Affect Environmental Sustainability? Evidence from the ASEAN-5.
• Evaluation of Geological Heritage of Geosites for a Potential Geopark in Binh Thuan–Ninh Thuan Coastal Zone, Vietnam.
• Building Stakeholder Awareness and Engagement Strategy to Enhance Biosphere Reserve Performance and Sustainability: The Case of Kien Giang, Vietnam.
• Enhancing management and benefit flows in Viet Nam’s wild medicinal products.
• Climate Change Adaptation of Local Communities Along Heavily Damaged Coasts.
• Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change: A Case of Soc Trang, Vietnam.
• Historical perspective of climate change in sustainable livelihoods of coastal areas of the Red River Delta, Nam Dinh, Vietnam.
• Perception of Climate Change and Impact on Land Allocation and Income: Empirical Evidence from Vietnam’s Delta Region.
• Vulnerability to climate change and residents’ adaptations in coastal areas of Soc Trang Province, Vietnam.
• Analyzing Flood Fatalities in Vietnam Using Statistical Learning Approach and National Disaster Database.
• Flood inundation assessment for the Hanoi Central Area, Vietnam under historical and extreme rainfall conditions.
• The impacts of flooding on well-being and the role of ecosystem-based adaptation.
• Social and economic inequality limits disaster prevention amongst the most vulnerable in Vietnam.
• Metal and metalloid concentrations in soil, surface water, and vegetables and the potential ecological and human health risks in the northeastern area of Hanoi, Vietnam.
• The status and distribution of PCBs along the coast of Vietnam.
• Material flow analysis for management of waste TVs from households in urban areas of Vietnam.


• Gender Differences in Formal Credit Approaches: Rural Households in Vietnam.


• Examining the governance of emerging urban regions in Vietnam: the case of the Red River Delta.
• What are Migrants Willing to Pay for Better Home Country Institutions?: The Case of Viet Nam.
• Between authoritarian governance and urban citizenship: Tree-felling protests in Hanoi.
• Toward a more effective financial disclosure system in Vietnam: a discussion on the draft revised Law on Anti-Corruption.
• Large-Scale Land Concessions, Migration, and Land Use: The Paradox of Industrial Estates in the Red River Delta of Vietnam and Rubber Plantations of Northeast Cambodia.
• State Control Versus Hybrid Land Markets: Planning and Urban Development in Transitional Hanoi, Vietnam.


• Guidance towards the Implementation of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Framework in Developing Countries.
• Public Health in Transitional Vietnam: Achievements and Challenges.
• Using strategic information for action: lessons from the HIV/AIDS response in Vietnam.
• Stillbirth and preterm birth and associated factors in one of the largest cities in central Vietnam.
• The Estimates of the Health and Economic Burden of Dengue in Vietnam.
• Event-Based Surveillance at Community and Healthcare Facilities, Vietnam, 2016-2017.
• Feasibility and willingness to pay for dengue vaccine in the threat of dengue fever outbreaks in Vietnam.
• Measuring catastrophic costs due to tuberculosis in Viet Nam.
• The shifting burden of neurosurgical disease: Vietnam and the middle-income nations.
• Investigating equalisation of health inequalities during adolescence in four low-income and middle-income countries: an analysis of the Young Lives cohort study.
• Family-Based Social Health Insurance for Informal Workers in Vietnam: Willingness to Pay and Its Determinants.
• Surgical treatment of epilepsy in Vietnam: program development and international collaboration.
• Assessment of health professional education across five Asian countries—a protocol.
• Dual practice of public hospital physicians in Vietnam.
• Barriers and facilitators to the integration of depression services in primary care in Vietnam: a mixed methods study.
• Occupational, physical, sexual and mental health and violence among migrant and trafficked commercial fishers and seafarers from the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS): systematic review.
• Anthropometric Status among 6(-)9-Year-Old School Children in Rural Areas in Hai Phong City, Vietnam.
• Dietary diversity of children and teenagers in Northern Vietnam.
• Food Market Modernization and Diet-Related Health Outcomes: Evidence from Urban Vietnam [Poster].
• The impact of market shocks on undernourishment: Evidence from Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
• Low Dietary Intakes of Essential Nutrients during Pregnancy in Vietnam.
• Micronutrient powder combined with maternal nutrition education is an effective strategy for improving growth and preventing anaemia in Vietnamese young children [Summary only].
• Multi-criteria Mapping of Stakeholders’ Viewpoints in Five Southeast Asian Countries on Strategies to Reduce Micronutrient Deficiencies Among Children and Women of Reproductive Age: Findings from the SMILING Project.
• A New Perspective On The Relationship Between Calorie Intake And Income In China And Vietnam Using Semiparametric Modeling.
• The prevalence of malnutrition based on anthropometry among primary schoolchildren in Binh Dinh province, Vietnam in 2016.
• Role of maternal preconception nutrition on offspring growth and risk of stunting across the first 1000 days in Vietnam: A prospective cohort study.
• Scaling up small-scale food processing for therapeutic and complementary food for children in Vietnam: Final technical report.
• To Market, to Market: Does Smallholder Vegetable Production Lead to Increased Children’s Diet Diversity and Improved Diet Quality? Empirical Evidence from Northwest Vietnam.
• The World Health Organization Code and Exclusive Breastfeeding in China, India, and Vietnam.
• Potential of efficient toilets in Hanoi, Vietnam.
• The roles of, activities of, and competencies for, community nursing services in rural Vietnam: Implications for policy decisions.


• Development of an Iron-Based Adsorption System to Purify Biogas for Small Electricity Generation Station in Vietnam: A Case Study.
• Harmonizing the Greater Mekong Sub region (GMS) Power Systems to Facilitate Regional Power Trade – Transmission Master Plan Study [PPT slide].
• Renewable Energy in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of Vietnam.
• Renewables in Vietnam – opportunities for investment.
• Small-scale biogas plants in central Vietnam and biogas appliances with a focus on a flue gas analysis of biogas cook stoves.


• Environmental solution for traditional housing in the Cuu Long River delta.
• Identifying a language of space in pre-reform Vietnamese housing.
• Infrastructure system planning for affordable housing for workers in Hanoi, Vietnam.
• Morphology of water-based housing in Mekong delta, Vietnam.
• Towards eco-social housing in Vietnam: challenges and opportunities.


• Analyzing behavioral intentions in new residential developments of motorcycle dependent cities: The case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
• Access to Urban Services for Inclusive Development in Asia: Country Monograph: Vietnam.
• Building Resilient Landscapes and Green Cities Along the Coast and in the Upland of Vietnam.
• Market Shrines and Urban Renewal in Hanoi.
• Urban Landscape Design Adaption to Flood Risk: A Case Study in Can Tho City, Vietnam.


• Trade liberalization and the wage–skill premium.


• Multidimensional Poverty Targeting.
• Households’ vulnerability from trade in Vietnam.
• Evolving Time Use of Children Growing Up in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam, 2006-2016.
• Contribution to income inequality by income source: A comparison across ethnic groups in Vietnam.
• The Impact of Increased Import Competition from the People’s Republic of China on Income Inequality and Household Welfare in Viet Nam.
• Migrant networks boost trade: Evidence from the Vietnamese boat people.
• Who remits and why? Evidence on internal migrant remittances from Vietnam and Thailand.
• Hydropower Resettlement in the Mekong Region.


• Applying network analysis in assessing stakeholders’ collaboration for sustainable tourism development: a case study at Danang, Vietnam.
• Microfinance tourism in Phu Minh, Vietnam.


• Automation with renewable energy to optimize the exploitation of water supply networks in Ninh Thuan province.
• The Mekong’s future flows under multiple drivers: How climate change, hydropower developments and irrigation expansions drive hydrological changes.
• Power and Geopolitics along the Mekong: The Laos–Vietnam Negotiation on the Xayaburi Dam.
• Assessment of urbanization impact on groundwater resources in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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