The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil – Phim Mùa Cát Vọng

The future cries beneath our soil. Trailer from Pham Thu Hang on Vimeo.

Film Mùa Cát Vọng / THE FUTURE CRIES BENEATH OUR SOIL directed by Pham Thu Hang and produced by Jewel Maranan will have its premiere tomorrow at DMZ 국제다큐영화제 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival in South Korea! We’re at the Asian Competition together with other beautiful documentaries. Wish us luck!

Surrounded by the surreal landscape of Quang Tri province, four men live their lives inseparably from each other. Their rhythm is defined by moments of togetherness in a house with no doors where they all come to drink, smoke, play guitar and sing songs about love and the revolution of the past. Feelings of hatred interweave with compassion, swelling amidst the stagnation of time and space, seemingly awaiting for an unknown. One day, the unknown comes and takes one of them away, leaving the others to go on slipping through an undesired life. Meanwhile, the landscape, located in the border between North and South Vietnam, is what lives on, revealing traces of a war that has outlived its conclusion.

After more than 4 years from development to postproduction, The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil, the debut feature of Vietnamese director Pham Thu Hang, and the first Asian collaboration produced by Jewel Maranan, is soon coming to the screens!



1 bình luận về “The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil – Phim Mùa Cát Vọng

  1. Chúc chị Phạm Thu Hằng và đoàn làm phim thành công!

    Mong có nhiều khán giả Việt Nam biết đến phim này. (chị Thu Hằng đạo điễn sẽ gửi thêm phần giới thiệu tiếng Việt sau)


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