Hanoians enjoy nostalgic Mid-Autumn festival

Last update 10:19 | 03/10/2017

A special Mid-Autumn festival began at Hanoi’s Temple of Literature on September 29, imbuing visitors with memories of the old days. Let’s explore the event through the following photos.

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The Temple of Literature is lit up with lanterns in almost of its corners.

The festival runs for three nights until October 1 following three different themes.

A traditional five-fruit tray

All tickets for the first night of the event are sold out.

Visitors see how a mooncake is made.

A boy learns to craft a toy figurine (to he) himself.

Cheerful faces spotted while playing traditional folk games

Painting traditional masks

Dragon dance

Playing folk games

The art of fruit carving

Iron ships – a popular children toy in the past

Foreigners learn to make Vietnam’s traditional lanterns

A girl, who acts as goddess of the Moon, at the festival, plays with a child


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