Must-visit coffee shops in Hanoi

Last update 17:38 | 09/08/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Here are the best coffee shops in Hanoi for tourists and locals to discover.

Café Giang 

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Address: 7 Hang Gai Street

Café Giang has been open since 1946, it is well-known for egg coffee that becomes one of Hanoi special dishes.

Despite many other places also serve this kind of coffee, egg coffee in Giang still wins first position, most delicious.

The skill of Mr. Giang lies in the amount of egg cream and coffee in a cup.

Café Nhan

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Address: 39 Hang Hanh Street

Café Nhan opened in 1946. At the time of revolution, café Nhan in Cau Go Street was a place to exchange information among soldiers.

Mr. Nhan has his own secret in roasting and grinding coffee so his coffee is always special.

You can see many café shops under name café Nhan but most people still look for café Nhan in Hang Hanh Street.

Café Lam

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Address: 60 Nguyen Huu Huan Street

Café Lam is also known as painting café. In the past, artists came here because of their love for coffee and they presented their paintings to shop owner, like famous painter Bui Xuan Phai.

Mr. Lam often jokes that they drank his coffee and did not have enough money to pay, so they had to leave their painting for payment. Whether it is true or only joke, these paintings were carefully framed and hung in beautiful locations in the shop.

In recent years, Mr. Lam has opened one more shop also located on Nguyen Huu Huan Street. It keeps the style of the first café Lam.

Café Mai

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Address: 79 Le Van Huu Street

In the first period, when opened, Mai café was different from café shops because it sold coffee beans only. Not until later did café Mai begin to open cafe shop as it is now.

Every afternoon, crossing Le Van Huu street, you can come and see how delicious café Mai is.

Hanoi also has many other famous café shop such as: café Lung at 70 Nguyen Du, café Tho at 117 Trieu Viet Vuong, café Dinh at 13 Dinh Tien Hoang, café Nang at 6 Hang Bac, etc.

Compiled by Pha Le

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