Land issue to be thoroughly inspected: Hanoi mayor

Last update 15:54 | 21/04/2017

The capital city of Hanoi will conduct a thorough inspection of the management and use of land in My Duc district’s Dong Tam commune, particularly in the Dong Xanh area where a plan to build Mieu Mon Airport is underway.

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Hanoi Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung at the dialogue yesterday

The announcement was issued on April 20 by Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung at a dialogue with 100 representatives from Dong Tam commune.

The dialogue was an opportunity for the city leader and local representatives to exchange views and try to understand each other as they seek common ground on this sensitive land issue.

However, for many reasons, including the fact that it was late in the day and the commune is 22km away from the city centre, the dialogue did not iron out all the problems as expected. Chung said he would continue to hold talks with local residents on April 21 or April 22.

Also present at the meeting were representatives from the National Assembly’s Committee for People’s Aspirations, the Government Inspectorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the My Duc district authorities and the media.

Chung promised to focus on solving the problems as quickly as possible. He said the city had asked Viettel Telecom Corporation to stop construction, as well as other activities to facilitate the inspection work.

Inspections will be conducted seriously, focusing on reviewing all issues, including past offenses, and the city will strictly punish individuals and organisations for violations, according to him.

The municipal leader also urged residents to promptly remove piles of sand, bricks and other construction materials at the exits and entrances to Hoanh village and Dong Tam commune, and avoid damaging social security and order.

He recognised that in the past days, local people have not behaved too badly to 38 officers and soldiers they captured, 15 of whom have so far been released.

Responding to questions by reporters, Vice Chairman of the Dong Tam commune People’s Committee Pham Hong Sy, said this was a serious incident affecting local activities.

People are now aware that the Dong Xanh area is agricultural land belonging to the people so they deserve compensation, said Sy.

Therefore, local people all have a common desire for the city authorities to intervene to clarify who is right and who is wrong.

The commune is trying to convince residents to free all of the remaining apprehended officials and policemen.


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