Tehri village selected for pilot project on climate change

India Times

TNN | Apr 21, 2017, 12.57 PM IST

DEHRADUN: Pheti Kimoda village of Jaunpur area in Tehri has been selected for running a pilot project for strengthening climate resilience of forest-based communities.

The village was one of the top ranking sites featured in the vulnerability-risk assessment of the climate change wing of the forest depts. The villagers were found to be suffering from lack of clean drinking water and health facilities, agriculture problems, migration and poor socio-economic conditions.

As part of the efforts to dec- rease its vulnerability, the forest department has planted around 20,000 grafted plants of Mehal species in the village, introduce rainwater harvesting measures, protect oak forests and initiate schemes for villagers to grow more fodder for their cattle.

RN Jha, nodal officer on climate change in the forest department, said, “The project in Pheti Kimoda is being handled by the climate change wing of the forest department, Uttarakhand government, environment ministry, United Nations Development Programme and Swiss Development Agency. The village featured high on environment vulnerability index, where agriculture, health and disaster management related sectors were found highly vulnerable.”

The village, 35 km from Mussoorie, is dominant by oak forests, which provide around 70% fodder in hill areas. Neeraj Sharma, additional conservator of forests, said, “A couple of meeting has been held by the stakeholders with the community people, where village vulnerability factors were chalked out and mitigating plan was prepared. There are plans to grow palatable grassland near the habitation so that women can use it for fodder for their cattle.” he said. “Pear would provide food to monkey and bear, which would not enter villages and come into conflict with human, while broad leaf Mehal species would provide canopy for groundwater recharge, which would revive the dry springs,” said Sharma. “Measures like rehabilitation of recharge pits, storage tanks, roof water will be introduced for amplifying water availability, while trenches will be dug up to store rain water in chir pine dominated forest.”

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