Cheap meat imports affecting domestic animal breeders

Last update 12:00 | 21/04/2017
VietNamNet Bridge – The average price for imported pork is now $1.2 per kilo, or VND27,000, while the domestic pork price has dropped dramatically to a 30-year low.vietnam economy, business news, vn news, vietnamnet bridge, english news, Vietnam news, news Vietnam, vietnamnet news, vn news, Vietnam net news, Vietnam latest news, Vietnam breaking news, livestock, MARD, import meat

According to GDC, by mid-March, Vietnam had imported 7,800 tons of pork of different kinds, worth $9.4 million. The figure represented a 16 percent increase in quantity and 21 percent in value compared with the same period last year.

As such, one kilo of imports is priced at $1.2. Post-slaughter by-products were imported at $0.88 per kilo (5,400 tons were imported, worth $4.8 million), while fresh pork was VND42,500 per kilo,

Also according to GDC, in 2016, Vietnam imported 39,400 tons of pork, worth $44 million with by-products priced at VND21,000 and fresh meat VND35,900.

The domestic price has also decreased sharply. Farmers now can sell pork at only VND25,000 per kilo of live weight.

Nguyen Thi Nguyen, a farmer in Nam Dinh, said she sold a herd of 40 pigs at a loss of VND40 million. She said she was lucky finding merchants who paid VND24,000 per kilo. Meanwhile, other farmers could sell at VND22,000 only.

The average price for imported pork is now $1.2 per kilo, or VND27,000, while the domestic pork price has dropped dramatically to a 30-year low.

“I have never seen the pork price decreasing so dramatically in the last 30 years,” she said. “One kilo of pork is even cheaper than one kilo of Chinese apple which is sold at VND30,000 per kilo in rural areas.”

Le Thi Ba in Phuc Tho, Hanoi, said she sold 200 pigs half a month ago at VND26,500 and incurred the loss of VND200 million. However, merchants now only accept the price of VND23,000.

Tong Xuan Chinh, deputy director of the Livestock Department, said at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s (MARD) regular meeting, that meat and egg prices are falling because of oversupply.

Chinh said that one of the reasons is the overdevelopment of animal feed production.

Exporting meat is the best solution for farmers for now to ease oversupply. Chinh said China consumes high volumes of pork, chicken and farm produce.

In the past, Vietnam’s pork was exported to China across the border gate. However, China has tightened imports across the border.

MARD is negotiating with Chinese agencies on Vietnam’s pork exports through official channels.

MARD has also sent dispatches to local authorities asking that they stop building more animal feed factories.

Chinh commented that Vietnam’s production capability is still weak compared with other countries. As the production cost is high, Vietnam’s products find it hard to compete with imports.


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Mai Thanh

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One thought on “Cheap meat imports affecting domestic animal breeders

  1. Đây là yếu tố đột biến làm giá lợn thấp xuống.

    Nhưng 12 đô một ký thịt lợn là qua rẻ, có vẻ rất phi lý. Vậy nhà nước cần điều tra thịt này ở đâu vào, thịt nhập lậu hay chính thức? Nếu chính thức thì nhập từ đâu? Và như vậy có phải bán phá giá khô,g? (tìm hiểu giá và vốn – cost – tại thị trường xuất khẩu).

    Có người đang lũng đoạn thị trường, và có thể là tung tin giả. Mình có cảm tưởng thịt này một là từ một nguồn lớn trong nước, hai là nguồn lớn nhập lậu. Nhập chính thức tử tế thì giá không thể rẻ thế, trừ các phụ phẩm.

    Số lượt thích

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