Educators compile list of complaints about parents’ irrational attitudes

Last update 07:35 | 15/02/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Educators who are owners of education establishments in Hanoi and HCMC have complained about irrational behavior and attitudes of parents. The following are some of their concerns:

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1.Vietnamese parents educate children as they are pets. They want fish to climb trees and monkey to swim underwater. And they tend to get angry when their children cannot do things which can be done by other children.

2.  Attending to children blindly. The national television channel VTV some days ago reported that an old father from Nam Dinh province worked hard in Hanoi to get money to fund his son’s university study.

The son, over 18, cannot earn money to feed himself and his old father, but he still lives on modest money earned by his old father. Surprisingly, Vietnamese parents think that doing all possible things for their children and serving their children is a must.

3. Vietnamese students would not let children go out when it rains or is cold. They tend to prohibit children from staying outdoors when it rains and cancel extracurricular activities when weather conditions are unfavorable.

4. Vietnamese parents try to feed their children fatty food. This is believed to be one of the biggest mistakes made by Vietnamese in approaching nutrition and physical education.

Children must not be obese, and they need to exercise, educators say.

5. Vietnamese parents believe that learning well is the top priority. This explains why it is very difficult to find students who are good at both learning and playing sport.

Educators who are owners of education establishments in Hanoi and HCMC have complained about irrational behavior and attitudes of parents. 

The parents are willing to do all things for their children, so the children can spend all of their of time on school work.

6.  Parents and teachers tend to criticize students before class and school when they make mistakes. This behavior, in the eyes of psychologists, is an infringement on the privacy of individuals and offensive to the dignity of people.

7. Vietnamese children don’t know how to use toilets properly. They don’t want to queue up for public toilets or lock doors properly.

8. Vietnamese parents believe that students good at math have creative thinking and all students need to be good at math.

9. Students are told that they have to learn well, because this will benefit them. “You encourage your child to become the single tree to find the sun rise only to himself,” an analyst said.

10. Children are told that doing well at school honors their parents.

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