Scientist wins prizes for research on medicinal herbs in cancer treatment

Last update 09:50 | 14/02/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – For 20 years, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram has been spending time to conduct research on  biological active substances of trinh nu hoang cung (Crinum latifolium), using the substances of the precious herb to support the treatment of tumors.

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Tram began her research on trinh nu hoang cung in 1990, when she was an officer of the Central Medicine Company No 2 and collaborator with the Bulgaria Academy of Science. She discovered that the plant contains active biological elements which stimulate immunity and prevent cancer cell angiogenesis, and therefore, can be used to support the treatment of cancer.

“Compared with other medicinal plants, trinh nu hoang cung has the strongest biological effect. The alkaloid extract from its leaves can support the treatment of tumors, both benign and malignant.”

Her research works on the medicinal herb, with findings about chemical composition and biological effects, have been published in some prestigious journals, while a lot of projects on exploiting trinh nu hoang cung have been implemented.

Compared with other medicinal plants, trinh nu hoang cung has the strongest biological effect. The alkaloid extract from its leaves can support the treatment of tumors, both benign and malignant.

Most importantly, her research has led to the creation of Crila Forte, a kind of hard capsule with biologically active alkaloid extracts from trinh nu hoang cung leaves, which helps treat patients suffering from prostatic hypertrophy and fibroids. The product has joined the international medicine market.

Pham Huu Giuc, deputy chair of the program on researching and developing technologies for the production of key products in 2011-2015, said that with Crila Forte, Vietnam for the first time has exported medicine to the US.

Tram once faced challenges before her Crila product made of trinh nu hoang cung received scientists’ recognition. A physician, showing his doubts, said that if trinh nu hoang cung could treat uterine tumors, it would be a ‘miracle’.

Later, scientists admitted that it was a panacea with high efficiency of 89.18 percent in treating BHP.

Tram’s great achievements in research about trinh nu hoang cung have been recognized by the community. She won first prize at an HCMC patent awarding ceremony.

Prior to that, her research work on trinh nu hoang cung brought her a state prize in 2010 and the Kovalevskaia prize in 2006.

Tram has been working to continue her research and development of trinh nu hoang cung, from developing material growing areas that meet GACP-WHO standards to building a medicine production factory that meets GMP (good manufacturing practice), GLP (good laboratory practice) and GSP (good storage practice) standards set by WHO, in order to bring high-quality medicine products to the market.

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