Mass grave of 150 martyrs found in Đồng Nai

Update: April, 14/2017 – 17:00 vietnamnews

A sandal belonging to the Vietnamese martyrs found at the mass grave in Biên Hòa airport, Đồng Nai Province on Thursday. — Photo
Viet Nam News

ĐỒNG NAI — A mass grave containing remains of some 150 Vietnamese martyrs in the American War was discovered on Thursday in the southern province of Đồng Nai.

The Steering Committee on Search, Collection and Excavation of Martyrs’ Remains, also known as Steering Committee 1237, announced it had found the mass grave at about 10am after several days of digging at a site at the Biên Hòa airport.

Sandals belonging to the soldiers and a couple of human skeletons have, so far, been found at the grave.

The authorities estimated that remains of 150 humans are buried in the mass grave.

The mass grave was excavated following directions of two American veterans who witnessed the burial during the war.

According to the veterans, the buried martyrs were soldiers of Battalion 1 and 2 under Regiment 4, Division 5, and of the Biên Hòa Commando Company. They were killed during the Tết Offensive, also known as the Mậu Thân 1968 campaign. — VNS

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