Nuclear medicine incredible breakthrough in treating lung cancer

Last update 08:30 | 05/02/2017

Nuclear medicine, the branch of medicine that involves the administration of radioactive substances in order to diagnose and treat disease, is really incredible breakthrough in treating lung cancer.

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No-one can imagine that a few years ago, Dr. Do Quoc Hung working in the National Heart Institute in Hanoi suffered late-stage lung cancer. It is a miracle he can triumph his illness thanks to his own efforts, counterparts’ aid and especially nuclear medicine.

Reminding of that time, Dr. Hung said in 2012, he was diagnosed to have lung cancer in the last stage or cancer has spread to other parts of the body; many his colleagues advised him to go abroad for treatment.

However, being a leading medical expert, he understood how much Vietnamese medicine progressed and how cancer patients need support from relatives and people around; as a result, he decided to see Professor Mai Trong Khoa, deputy head of Bach Mai Hospital cum director of Tumor and Nuclear Medicine Center to seek a consultation and support.

Soon after the meeting, he was treated with the new medicine technique and after six months, scan showed that tumor no longer existed in his body.

Yet, once again, the tumor spread to his brain in 2015 worsening his eye sight. This time Professor Khoa employed radiation treatment and chemicals. The tumor disappeared for a short time and then it re-occurred. Professor Khoa decided to use CyberKnife radiosurgery and drugs. Two weeks later, he felt better and all tumor disappeared and he regained his eye sight.

Not only Dr. Hung but also many cancer patients with fatal disease were treated successfully with the new medicine breakthroughs including quintessential scientific work conducted by Professor Mai Trong Khoa and his partners.

Professor Khoa spent 20 years to study and research the new medicine. Moreover, just a few Asian nations have developed and  applied the method.

Professor Khoa said that realizing that there has been increased number of patients who died of cancer in Vietnam ,he determined to study the new medicine because early detection and re-occurrence of the tumor will curb the mortality rate.

Most of Vietnamese patients are detected in late stage so treatment is difficult and it takes long time and high cost. The new medicine will help early detect and precisely aiding medical workers to propose treatment methods. In addition the new medicine will help patients cut cost compared to treatment in abroad countries.


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