Dementia Village

A small village in Weesp, the Netherlands, where every resident has severe dementia

Living with Dementia: To Be or Not To Be

Yvonne van Amerongen is Head of Quality and Innovation at Hogewey, and one of the founders of its internationally award-winning small-scale living model of care.

Yvonne has been working at Vivium Zorggroep since 1983, in particular at nursing home Hogewey. In 1990, she developed a new product which revolutionised care for people developing dementia in the vicinity of the Hogewey nursing home. In 1993, Yvonne became a fulltime project manager for the development of the care project small-scale living with lifestyle for the psycho-geriatrics target group.This project was also the subject matter of her graduation thesis for the Higher Vocational Training in Social Pedagogic Care with a specialisation in Management. Since 1996 Yvonne has been a staff executive for Quality & Innovation for Vivium Zorggroep in Weesp.

Hogewey is located in Weesp, a town outside Amsterdam. Since it opened in 2009, Hogewey has attracted a huge amount of interest from all over Europe, with a centre based on its design currently being built in Switzerland.


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