Canadian Ambassador urges transparency for entrepreneurs in Vietnam


The entrepreneurial environment is changing in Vietnam. According to a new Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, more ​Vietnamese adults are looking to become entrepreneurs and those already running a business are receiving more respect from society. But many barriers still stand in the way.

Canada’s Ambassador to Vietnam, H. E. David Devine, says more government transparency would help. Speaking on behalf of the Government of Canada, Ambassador Devine delivered the opening remarks at the launch of GEM’s Vietnam Report 2014 on June 9​, 2015. He reinforced a few key messages that echo the report’s findings.

“Canada believes in supporting a fair, transparent, and competitive environment for entrepreneurs in Vietnam,” he said at the National Entrepreneurship Forum of the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). Regaining the trust of business people is one of the report’s main policy recommendations.

“Entrepreneurs will not be encouraged to engage in business if their efforts to innovate and think creatively yield little results due to favoritism or red tape,” he said.

GEM is the world’s longest continuous study of entrepreneurship, with research from more than 300 scholars in 100 countries. Its national surveys measure levels of entrepreneurial activity, business start-ups and life cycles, and the aspirations of entrepreneurs.

IDRC has been a supporter of GEM as the study’s scope has broadened to reflect developing-country realities. IDRC has funded GEM research in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. Recently, that support has helped bring Canada back into the GEM research community.

The 2014 Vietnam Report is based on survey results from 2,000 individuals and 36 experts. It was funded in part by IDRC through a wider project that aims to build research capacity in designing entrepreneurship surveys and analyzing trends in Southeast Asia.

Ambassador Devine also met with members of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly that, with funding from another IDRC project, takes the pulse of small businesses in Vietnam.

Read more about the findings of the Vietnam Report 2014​ of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (PDF, 2.8MB).

Watch a Vietnamese news clip on the launch of GEM’s Vietnam Report 2014.

Learn more about the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

Read about how IDRC is strengthening the Economic Committee of the National Assembly in Vietnam​.

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