World Bank: New research on development issues in Vietnam – Volume 10, number 4 (2018 March 14)

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Table of content

Agriculture and Rural development

• Impact and Adaptation of South-East Asian Farmers to Climate Change: Conclusions and Policy Recommendations.
• Structural Ricardian Analysis of South-East Asian Agriculture.
• Impact of risk aversion on fertiliser use: evidence from Vietnam.
• Firewood extraction and use in rural Vietnam: a household model for three communes in Ha Tinh Province.

Banking and Financial sectors

• Discrimination, Social Capital, and Financial Constraints: The Case of Viet Nam.
• Is there a demand for flood insurance in Vietnam? Results from a choice experiment.
• Channels of monetary policy transmission in Vietnam.

Economic development

• Assessment of Rice Export Interdependency between China and Vietnam Based on Empirical Approaches.
• Oil price fluctuations and the small open economies of Southeast Asia: An analysis using vector autoregression with block exogeneity.
• Vietnam in 2017: Flying Fast in Turbulence.
• Japan’s ODA in Globally Integrated CLMV Economies: Aid Effectiveness and Political Economy.
• Business Formalization in Vietnam.
• Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in Vietnam: A Longitudinal Study.
• Does Taxation Stifle Corporate Investment? Firm-Level Evidence from ASEAN Countries.
• The involvement in global value chains and its policy implication in Vietnam.
• Regime-Switching Business Cycle Synchronization in the ASEAN.
• Outward Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Vietnam.
• Relative costs and FDI: Why did Vietnam forge so far ahead?
• The Use of Geographical Indications in Vietnam: A Promising Tool for Socioeconomic Development?
• Vietnam: In Search of a New Growth Model.
• Inflation and Public Debt Dynamics in ASEAN.
• Tác động kinh tế và phân bổ thu nhập của Hiệp định Đối tác Toàn diện và Tiến bộ Xuyên Thái Bình Dương: Trường hợp của Việt Nam = Economic and distributional impacts of comprehensive and progressive agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership: The case of Vietnam.


• Bilingual identity of ethnic minority students: insights from Vietnam.
• Ethnic gaps in child education outcomes in Vietnam: an investigation using Young Lives data.
• Academic Integrity in Higher Education: The Case of Plagiarism of Graduation Reports by Undergraduate Seniors in Vietnam.
• Knowledge Sharing Barriers in Vietnamese Higher Education Institutions (HEIS).
• Twin Privatization in Vietnam Higher Education: The Emergence of Private Higher Education and Partial Privatization of Public Universities.
• Primary education in Vietnam and pupil online engagement.


• Barriers and enablers to climate change adaptation in hierarchical governance systems: the case of Vietnam.
• Climate Risk Vulnerability Assessment to inform sub-national decision making in Vietnam.
• Multi-scale assessment of social vulnerability to climate change: An empirical study in coastal Vietnam.
• A Review of the Integrated Effects of Changing Climate, Land Use, and Dams on Mekong River Hydrology.
• South-East Asian Ricardian Studies: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.
• Assessment of Tangible Direct Flood Damage Using a Spatial Analysis Approach under the Effects of Climate Change: Case Study in an Urban Watershed in Hanoi, Vietnam.
• Evidence that earthquakes have been triggered by reservoir in the Song Tranh 2 region, Vietnam.
• Flood Risk Assessment: A View of Climate Change Impact at Vu Gia Thu Bon Catchment, Vietnam.
• Managing flood risks in the Mekong Delta: How to address emerging challenges under climate change and socioeconomic developments.
• Analysis of recycling structures for e-waste in Vietnam.
• Improved rice residue burning emissions estimates: Accounting for practice-specific emission factors in air pollution assessments of Vietnam.
• Paraquat in Surface Water of Some Streams in Mai Chau Province, the Northern Vietnam: Concentrations, Profiles, and Human Risk Assessments.
• Structural analysis of the interrelationship between economic activities and water pollution in Vietnam in the period of 2000–2011.
• Development of nutrient cycle through agricultural activities of a rural area in the North of Vietnam.

Gender issues

• Gender Streaming in Vietnam.


• Public Discourse and Constitutional Change: A Comparison of Vietnam and Indonesia.
• Mapping Variation of Civil Society Involvement in EU Trade Agreements: A CSI Index.
• Transnational Advocacy Without Northern NGO Partners: Vietnamese NGOs in the HIV/AIDS Sector.
• The Myth of a Centralised Socialist State in Vietnam: What Kind of a Myth?

Health care

• Comparison of the Determinants of the Health Service System and the Health Status of the People in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).
• Comparative epidemiology of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1 and H5N6 in Vietnamese live bird markets: spatio-temporal patterns of distribution and risk factors.
• Association between user fees and dropout from methadone maintenance therapy: Results of a cohort study in Vietnam.
• Breast cancer services in Vietnam: a scoping review.
• The effects of socioecological factors on variation of communicable diseases: A multiple-disease study at the national scale of Vietnam.
• Outcomes of compulsory detention compared to community-based voluntary methadone maintenance treatment in Vietnam.
• An educational intervention to improve hand hygiene compliance in Vietnam.
• Integrating HIV/AIDS in Vietnam’s Social Health Insurance Scheme: Experience and Lessons from the Health Finance and Governance Project, 2014–2017.
• Growing challenges for HIV programmes in Asia: clinic population trends, 2003-2013.
• mCME project V.2.0: randomised controlled trial of a revised SMS-based continuing medical education intervention among HIV clinicians in Vietnam.
• Public attitude towards restrictions on persons with mental illness in greater Hanoi area, Vietnam.
• Acceptance and perceptions of generic substitution among pharmacists: A preliminary study in Vietnam.
• [Antibiotic Residue in Environmental Water in Vietnam] [Full text in Japanese].
• Antibiotic resistance: Implications of hospital practices for public health: A study from Hanoi, Vietnam [PhD thesis].
• Medical Abortion Provision by Pharmacies and Drug Sellers in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review.

Urban development

• Multiscale remote sensing of urbanization in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam – A focused study of the south.


• Labour Law and (In)justice in Workers’ Letters in Vietnam.
• Access to Preferential Loans for Poverty Reduction and Rural Development: Evidence from Vietnam.
• Dynamics of Spatial Inequality and Poverty: Evidence from Two Decades of Surveys in Vietnam, 1993-2014.

Social development

• Social Security and Firm Performance: The Case of Vietnamese SMEs.
• Cultivating Consumer Markets: Ethnic Minority Traders and the Refashioning of Cultural Commodities in the Sino-Vietnamese Border Uplands.
• Discourses on alleged deception strategies among traders in the Sino–Vietnamese borderlands.
• Ethnic minority traders and the refashioning of cultural commodities in the Sino–Vietnamese border uplands.


• Decision-making for systemic water risks: Insights from a participatory risk assessment process in Vietnam.
• Desalination of brackish water for agriculture: Challenges and future perspectives for seawater intrusion areas in Vietnam.
• Vietnam’s Future Water Usage Model: A Controlled Living Experiment.

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